Does anyone else have trouble with their finances?

i have bounced checks for three months in a row and with my bills it’s going to happen again this month. Does anyone have this problem?

My husband does the finances, last time I was allowed I bought 300 rolls of toilet paper and just under a hundred packs of diaper wipes. (I was pregnant and had just had a family move in with us until they could get there stuff together.)

I keep getting into debt but then I keep getting out of it. I have to watch my money now.

no. i’m very good with money. i’ll have the occasional splurge on a pizza or something but that’s about it. i pay my bills and have a little left over for other things. i’m quite comfortable right now i guess. thank god my country takes care of me, otherwise i’d have to rely on my parents and that would really piss me off. xxx

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know what you have in your bank account
get a mini statement regulary.
everytime you spend write it down on the mini bank statement.
deducting as you go
get rid of credit cards etc…
take care

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For the longest time I was rubbish with my money. I never had any idea what anything cost. My sis and my parents took care of the money for me.

But now that I’m feeling more in control of my life, I’ve been learning how to take care of my own money.

still getting the hang of it. I still ask my sis to look stuff over with me so I don’t bounce checks. But I’m learning.

I just bounced like 5 checks because my stupid direct deposit was 2 days late. My overdraft only covered 2 of those checks, so I got fees on all the rest. I feel so stupid. I’ll check the account from now on before paying bills to make sure that deposit is there on time.