Does anyone else have to deal with difficult colleagues at work?

Hi all. Just wanted to post this to get it off my chest. I work in the catering department at my local uni. I consider myself very hardworking. The head chef of my workplace however seems to have an attitude problem towards me. Lately I noticed , say if something hadn’t been done he would refer it to me, I don’t mind but its the tone in which he says it. I feel like something he just scrapes off his shoe when he speaks to me sometimes. I don’t know what he is like personally but he’s an absolute b***** to work with. I know I am bigger than that, to not let it affect me. Apart from trying to rise above it, I don’t know what else to do. I mean it doesn’t hurt to be nice. Why is he so nasty? Am I being oversensitive? Am I being paranoid?? Is this the price I pay for being in a fairly low paid job? Does ANYONE have the right to talk to me LIKE THAT? I`d rather people were nice to me, obviously the real world isn’t like that. Any advice appreciated. (I just overcame cancer two years and have been quite stable mentally for many years now). Thanks, jen.


chefs’ are weird creatures…they are;
bad tempered/angry
ego driven
they are under enormous pressure
self centered.
so it is pretty normal…in that profession.
try and avoid him
don’t take things personally
learn some deep breathing techniques for relaxation
when he says something nasty imagine him in a clowns costume…then the joke is on him… :smiley:

take care :alien:


Yeah I have had to deal with shitty teachers and the like before. I just do my thing. It’s no ones business if I perform correctly.

One thing to do that can infuriate people being mean is to be overly polite back. They want to take it out on you and see that you are hurt. Show no mercy! Laugh and make a joke of the torture!

And eh maybe sue em for all they’re worth.

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Yeah, unfortunately not everyone is going to like you or treat you like you like to be treated. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life,. Just out of curiosity, does he treat anyone as badly as he treats you? I’m lousy at confrontations and sticking up for myself. When I work I just try to do my job and accept that some people are jerks. Every now and then I will dish a little out. Is everybody else besides him cool and nice? My advice is to take solace in the fact that most other people there are bearable and that it’s just that one guy is a dick. Maybe talk over with a co-worker you trust and confide him/her and tell him how you feel about this head chef just to get it off your chest.

Yes, you will always have jerks at work I don’t know if you should confront this guy. It might make things worse. You’re not over-sensitive. Verbal abuse is hard to take. These are just my thoughts, hopefully someone else can give you some concrete advice. In my 30 odd years of working, I have put up with a lot of other peoples crap. It goes with the territory. I am there to do the best job I can and earn money for food and entertainment. If you are a little confrontational than maybe tell this guy how you feel.


Having problems with the head chef again. Our manager has left recently so he’s acting manager for a while. I absolutely hate his guts. Yesterday he came to me and said I put the wrong labels sandwiches. He seems to find every opportunity to pick on me whenever we can. It hurts when I know I do my job to the best of my ability. On Monday we do the bulk of the sandwiches, and another casual was in. She did the most of the labelling. I’ve a feeling it was her mistake and he’s trying to put the blame on me. I didn’t answer back , although I’m feeling angry enough right now. Before my manager left, she told me I was doing extremely well in this other department. And that I’m more than capable of becoming team leader. … I’m just getting sick of this head chef who likes to massage his ego every now and again by being a complete jerk!