Why does medication stop working?


I’m tired of switching meds. It’s the worst! I want my Abilify to last forever. I am stable. I can work, excercise, and have fun in the sun.

Anybody know the answer to this question?

I asked my psydoc and he told me it’s very complicated. What does that mean?


I have been taking Geodon since 2009. It works now because I more than doubled my dose. I added a small dose of Latuda.

I have been pretty stable since 2015. My meds haven’t lost effectiveness. I would love to feel better but I am afraid to experiment. I know what unstable feels like and I can’t afford that right now. I am trying to work.

I hope you find something that works for you.


I’m terrified of my abilify not working one day too. But I think it’s a crap shoot. I’ve been on abilify for 5 years and it’s still working.


Woa. I found this.

“tachyphylaxis” means it stops working. A fancy way of saying pooping out.

According to this abilify may not suffer from pooping out.

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I don’t know why it stops working. I wish I did tho. Mine’s going well for now. This is the second time I’ve been on Seroquel and I’m enjoying every second of stability. I hope it keeps working.


Wow that’s some good news, all. And what a cool ray of hope for us Abilifiers. Thanks for sharing.


Well I had a relapse on clozapine 100mg, had to up the dose to 200 to become stable again

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My meds only last 2-3 years at a time


life really is like an Abilify commercial!


Do you guys really experience them to stop working? :-o

Thats what i am always scared of, but i never experienced it, cause i am a stubborn mule and quit once in a while. I have sort-of-steadily used haldol the past 2 years though. It hasnt pooped out yet. I do NOT want another med. I fear such changes. Abilify doesnt work on me, it makes me more psychotic.

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I really hope my geodon doesn’t stop working. I’ve been symptom free for a year but holyshite if it quits I don’t know what I’ll do

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Its complicated is right.
I think that our sz changes over time and needs new or better or more meds sometimes because our disease changes

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i think our resistance builds up. but it is not supposed to do that- psych meds.

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