God on antipsychotics, or, was god really just a delusion?

Hi all. So, here it goes… Do you believe in a god? Are you religious? Do your meds affect this? Or have anything to do with your belief???
How is this relevant, you may ask. Let me start from the beginning then… Since starting the new meds I’m on, I’ve been feeling increasingly rational. I’m not paranoid as I used to be. I don’t see plots and conspiracies all around me. I no longer have delusions. I feel happier, more serene, my feet on the ground and overall I’m doing much much better than I did before.
There is one thing tough. Well, I used to believe, to some extent. I thought that god could punish me or reward me for my actions.
But this is no longer the case. I would say I am an atheist now. Antipsychotics have made me an atheist.

Following this thought, was my all seeing god just one of my delusions?
Would all religious people stop believing if they were to take antipsychotics?


Basically if a belief is truly yours, and not a result of a MI episode, you will retain that belief even while on medication. There are a lot of people on medication who are religious.

Also sometimes MI episodes can simply influence how we approach beliefs. Like when I am having symptoms, I often experience that I am being harassed by demons. When I am not symptomatic (or at least not severely), I am open to the possibility that things like demons might exist, but I’m not obsessing about it and don’t experience at any of it.

Now that your mind is clearer and you can be just your true self, you can figure out how you really feel about things.

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There are those who argue that the belief in God is a delusion, there are those who say that that is impossible not to believe in God.

I, for one, don’t believe in the Gods told by religions. But my delusions and hallucinations all pointed to the existance of several Gods.

I actually chose not to believe for my own sanity. But it was a clear choice that I had to make.

There are a lot of us here that take antipsychotics and are religious, or believe in God.

You’ll just have to figure out, in time, what’s best for your mental health.


i think it improves my mental health in collaboration with my meds and a positive out look, religion actually encourages a positive outlook in my opinion.

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e(Y)e L(Y)Ke to Think that e(Y)e Am a Proud Spiritual Human Being … ,

My Personal Beliefs , Systematically Goes L(Y)Ke thus ,

Individuality .

Creativity .

Hope .

Love .


Peace . ,

STILL Working on tha Rest , Foundational Truths of Self and Those Within My Sphere of Rationalization … ,

Close and (OR) Far Away , e(Y)e Fynde Love , to Be Civilization’s and Natures Truth of Getting Throo tha Random Access of Our Never-ending Daise , With Two parallel Lynes Weaving Throo-out Each Other Forever ,

Be it Our Dreamlike Condition and Our Awakening Process of Our Internal & External “reality” … ,

My Boss is Jesus Christ and His Dad is God , (OR) as I L(Y)Ke to Saye ,

Tha Creator of Our Expanding Universe . ,

Nyse ta Meetcha (!!!)

@wasjustchecking I’m curious, what meds are you on?

Solian (amisulpride). Not available in the US as far as I was told. It’s not the most common in Europe either due to the higher cost. My doc says it’s definitely her antipsychotic of choice, with fewer side effects than most. Though she prescribes it less than Risperdal, for example, as not all patients can afford it.

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I believe in God because I like having someone I can blame for all the terrible things that happen. I don’t believe in religion. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary I believe God is a loving God. I don’t believe in a Christian version of God, but I do believe there is one.

My religious path:
Before diagnosis - very interested in spirituality, which was a good thing and a bad thing. I had some amazing moments of feeling together with everything, and everything I studied just connected in this multidimensional spiritual plane, which was great. The thinking that God hated me because I was letting my mind get spiritually corrupted - not so much.
During my “bad times” last year - the religious thinking just became too much, I had to learn to block it out and stopped going to synagogue because after I went a few times I had to hurt myself. I was learning not to think my brain was spiritually corrupted, which was great, but thinking about how everything is connected while psychotic was not conducive to my mental health.
Getting into remission - I started slowly going back to synagogue, and realized I could think about G-d without it inducing such intense emotions and urges. Talked to a rabbi and slowly started thinking about how to build a belief system that was totally divorced from what I felt while psychotic.
Now - I still believe strongly in G-d (a god compatible with science and logic and whatnot), and if you asked me if I was religious I’d tell you that I am, but I just don’t think about religion anymore. I sometimes realize with a jolt on Shabbat that I haven’t thought about God all week. I’d like to go back to being more actively religious at some point, but I think G-d will forgive me if I first get my s**** together.

Nah… I don’t believe…

Adults shouldn’t need imaginary friends (cheap shot)

Nuff said.

It’s a matter of faith… If you have faith than no matter what “delusions” you have the basic belief remains the same… On meds or off meds … Symptoms or not… It’s always your choice…

I’m usually an atheist until I lose all hope and desire for living. Then lll curse god or whoever is up there and also sometimes ask for help. I dunno it calms me down a bit.

Either way . Guy in the sky please cure us all :slight_smile:

i believe God gave me the meds that help me to remain stable, its through God that i can keep my sanity, God gave the scientists the tools and the knowledge to discover these drugs and also the plants and things that they are made from. he also helps the doctors dispense them but sometimes they make mistakes, its quite hard to explain but i am sure God has a hand in it somewhere.

Religious discussion is triggering for many here. Best not to debate the existence of God on this site, thanks.

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