Does anyone actually get triggered?

Like not as a joke, I know people make fun of people who use the word ‘trigger’ but I feel like marijuana is a trigger for me.

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sometimes when I’m around people too much… and they are going through something… it will effect me too.

My youngest brother spent the holidays with us… and he was manic the whole time. It’s been a bit destabilizing. I was getting a bit caught up in it… and some of his paranoia was beginning to make sense… I had to distance a little until he was able to level out again

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take care :alien:

Yes, stuff triggers me.

i get triggered by violent images, drugs, sometimes cigarretts, and the list goes on

i no longer do any drugs for 5 yrs though


Things like drugs or stress trigger me, not really stuff like what people say or things in tv/films

I don’t like marijuana, not because it is dangerous, but because it makes me think all kinds of things I don’t want to think. It isn’t pleasant. I don’t like it.


I have triggers, mostly when I feel threatened by someone or something I really care about.

Any number of things can trigger me at any time. I try to be really careful. Stress is a big one. My “main voice” will jump on any opportunity to push me down.

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There are well established links between weed and psychosis, particularly for people with SZ. Smoking that stuff when you have SZ is mind-blowingly stupid.



2 things that trigger for me are sugar rich diets and sometimes certain situations when Ive been weakened mentally by a lack of sleep, exercise and a bad diet.


Of course we all get triggered whether it’s words from someone or words in a book it can take us back to another place in the past or push us to a future fear. I think it happens to everyone.

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Alcohol can trigger me :disappointed:

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Yes. It’s rare for me, but it happens.

I get triggered at what I take seriously being toyed with. I also get triggered by my past.

I would be surprised if marijuana didn’t trigger you- it most often does- that just means you’re a normal person with schizophrenia. Abnormal reaction is “oh I feel so much less psychotic after inhaling a hallucinogen”.

I think you’re okay- but yes, weed is pretty much a universal trigger and I would know how not-funny it is. I’ve had my share of trips to hell on weed and schizophrenia. Never going back. Ever.

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my past is something I hate facing. Sometimes even seeing people from my long past will sometimes freak me out.

I’ve had help facing my past in small bits.

I have trouble with it too- not as much as you did, but I can relate to a certain degree. You know, I was never homeless. Drugs, booze, other drugs, booze on meds, chain smoking, spending every dollar on alcohol and tobacco. Not fun. Spending every night out on someone’s couch or floor. Drunk as hell. Then being a ■■■■ was somehow okay.

Basically a really bad place, with the psychosis and crap as well.

I avoid the past too. I hate living here, I’ve spent my whole life in this little part of town. I always dreamed of going away after high school and never coming back.

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I haven’t smoked weed since I was 18. I’ll be 34 soon. I only smoked a few times, but once it was laced with PCP. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Most awful paranoia and hallucinations. I hid under my bed for 5 hours. I’ve had plenty of chances to smoke since, and once was incredibly pressured, but some quick thinking on my feet allowed me to escape the situation. I can’t recommend really anyone smoking weed.

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violent images, stress and people are a trigger for me.