Does anybody make themselve do things even though you don't feel like it

I do this a lot. Does anybody make themselves do things even though you don’t feel like it?


(in general) I don’t. I spent 39 years of my life living like that.


Only on the days that end in Y. I’d never have a shower if I didn’t.


I don’t force myself as I end up feeling anxious and stressed. Things should come naturally.

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It’s a large part of being an adult. I have certain responsibilities that I have to fulfil if I want to live a semi-normal life. Going to the DMV is not fun. Either is going to the local Social Security office. Or going to doctors appointments. But if I want to live comfortably and independently I have to force myself to go to those places.

My job ain’t terrible but if they didn’t pay me good, I would rather not go. But everything is on a different scale of how easy or hard it is. I hate going grocery shopping but I have to do it and it’s actually one of the easier things to do.


Yes! Having pets or animals require you to take care of their needs whether you feel up to it or not.

I’m grateful for our two dogs and two cats. Otherwise I wouldn’t get out of bed some days.


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Generally, in regards to your question; some diagnoses have “command hallucinations”.

These hallucinations can direct you to do things you don’t want to do; or even if you want to do them; they don’t give you a option of not doing them, or saying “no”.

I’ve had these in the past, and I end up following their directions, such as calling this person on the phone, running down stairs; saying a certain thing.

They are partially the reason I’m on anti-psychotics.
They can label you as a danger to others or danger to yourself.
They can put you into a locked hospital type ward.

I understand partially what your saying.

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I eat this disgusting salad but other than that no except chores!

No, I don’t that since I stopped working. Just housekeeping, shopping and hygiene. But sometimes I don’t do things even i feel like doing them, like reading, making art or exercise or eating.

Have to put bed sheets on my bed before 8 PM. I hate doing that.

Every time I managed to exercise I was forced by myself despite resistance.

When I clean.

brushing teeth…just not that often.

For the most part no its hard to do that on these meds

Pretty much everything I do I have to force myself to do. Nothing gives me a sense of accomplishment anymore.

All the time. But I still don’t do nearly what I should

All the time too… there is often a reward on the other side if you push yourself the first two steps.

But like @CoCo i often feel im not doing enough, i should read, learn a language, lots of DIY work waiting do be done.

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Yes, a lot of the time. Things I don’t like, things I dread. But you have to get through the chores and jobs somehow. I think of them as my little missions, I dont know why (or even why that’s relevant here lol)

i just do the things i like…

Laundry is a difficult one for me. It is one reason why I wear the same clothes for a long time.

All the time. It’s part of being an independent adult.
I don’t want to shower, brush my teeth, get up at 7.30, work 9 hours. Some days I don’t want to eat. Heck, some days I don’t even wanna live.
But as the song goes: “you can’t always get what you want”