I can't get my own cooperation

I don’t know how to deal with this. I’m like a defiant two year old to my own self. Having a good Idea of something to do and giving it a resounding “NO”.
I’ve heard the expression “own worst enemy” but no solution for it.

I know what you mean. I feel like that every time I know I should take a shower and brush my teeth but I don’t want to.

My question, drew, is WHY don’t we want to?

That’s a good question. Negative symptoms maybe? All I know is without anyone around making me do these things I’m looking and smelling more like a homeless person over time.

That’s what I spend my time and/or energy doing - keeping from looking and smelling like a homeless person, and it’s a losing battle. Added things take the lid off of me and I can’t keep myself contained.

My experience at least. As to the why we don’t want to - I think it’s A medicine side effect.

I think you have close friend then your idea will not sink into trash.
because your friend will sharpening your idea.
Unfortunately you need good friend that capable.

stina, that is so true. We need others to kick us in the butt sometimes.

Sometimes it feels like there is a wet blanket covering me, dampening my interest and motivation to do much of anything.

One good thing is to create a plan for each day and then just complete these tasks. I do this, especially now when I have to be more concerned over my health. For example, I study and cream my feet daily due to diabetes. I have also a plan to take a shower at least twice a week. I do take my dirty clothes to my mother, yes, I do this although I am 47 in this year, because I do not have the laundry machine. I also try to create some plan for each month to know what I should do. This is the way I counter any laziness and these ‘self-nos’. It works quite well.

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I was writing more about developing interests. I do my basic care ok.