Does anybody have a sweet tooth

I have a big sweet tooth. I eat icing by itself all the time.



I have a sweet tooth but I have to curb it a bit because I’m diabetic.

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I…do not have a sweet tooth
But some liike pies or :cake:’s are yummy

I do. I have to be very careful about having sweets once I’m a while and only a little

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I just bought some ice cream and ate some. I’m careful not to eat too much.

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I got diabetes type 2 from eating too many sweets. I just couldn’t eat sugary things in moderation. Now, I’m on two diabetes medications.

I was never a sweet tooth until Abilify and Rexulti. I now crave sweetened condensed milk all the time and have put on 20kg.

I have a big old sweet tooth and all the fillings to prove it. But I just went to the dentist and I had no cavities so I guess I’m doing better.

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Hmm. . .

Not Usually.

I Like Twix!, Candy Bars.

Cadbury Egg’s?.

Does That Count?.

Hopefully It Does, I Don’t Want To Derail The Thread. . .


I’m a recovering alcoholic. You bet I’ve had my chocolate binges!

Yess. I love all kinds of sweets. Made homemade chocolate chip cookies the other day. They’re almost gone. I think carrot cake is my favorite. Or lemon cake. Peach cobbler. Coffee ice cream.

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