Bad eating habits

Most of the time I eat what I want. I’m a particular eater. I just got back from the grocery store. I got broccoli and cheddar soup, and two containers of icing. I am going to eat the icing by itself. I still eat broccoli a lot with the soup I eat. I also drink Muscle Milk, which has vitamins and minerals in it. Does anybody else have a sweet tooth?


I’m diabetic so sugar is a no no for me, but I do cheat every once in a while and eat something I shouldn’t.


Why icing? It’s kind it’s like powdered sugar
with liquid. Maybe have a candy bar or cupcake or low calorie icecream.

I like it. Plus I have a fear of swallowing the wrong way. So I eat soft foods. I get nervous, and food gets stuck in the bottom of my throat for a half an hour or an hour. I know it is kind of a particular fear, but it effects me.

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Because of my fear of swallowing the wrong way I eat oatmeal, broccoli and cheddar soup, Muscle Milk, and fudge and icing. I also just got temporary dentures, so I’m not use to eating foods with my dentures. I’m planning on eating baked beans when I get used to my dentures.

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I try not to eat sweets and count calories… I drink a meal replacement everyday in the morning to help with sweet cravings it also fills me so I only eat two regular meals!
Add on: I’m sorry you have that fear

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I have a bad sweet tooth.

I tend to binge eat and I have put on too much weight the last month.

I have to discipline myself and not eat so much sweets.

It will be difficult.

I adore sweets.

Doesn’t help that my boyfriend eats sweets in front of me even when I ask him not to.


Sometimes I get too lazy to eat lol

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Everytime I wake up from a nap I get a snickers and a full fat coke. Don’t know why I crave sweets but yeah to answer your question I do have a sweet tooth.

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I have a bad habit of eating sour soothers… I’ve conditioned myself not to buy them but my dad knows I’ll eat them so he buys them. Of course he just leaves them out in the living room and I eat like 90% of them, then buys more.

What are sour soothers like. At least I know they are sour. Are they like gummy bears or are they hard candy? Do you live in the US?

Sorta like cherry blasters. From Canada. Lot tougher than gummies bears.

I have a sweet tooth … i have had cake once since I started keto it was my dads birthday… there is always pastry here though … strong self discipline.

Sorry you have that fear…

You might have a legit medical problem like Eosinophilic esophagitis. That sounds a lot like what happens to me when I’m choking and that’s what my doctor suspects I have. I’m getting an endoscopy later this month to test for it.

@LED I have been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis last year. I had an endoscopy done, then had to go on meds and an elimination diet. I then went for a second endoscopy. Dr stopped the steroids but I still need to drink Omeprazole. I would say that you should go and see your dr @Jake. Dysphagia can get really serious.

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I mostly drink water now, and just two cups of coffee or tea with sugar. The last time i ate sweets was eastern. I bought two packs of chocolate eggs. And before eastern and after eastern nothing. The most sweets I eat is one or two slices of cake if somebody has a birthday.

I now managing more more the sugar I drink. Because it was every drink of tea with sugar before that, and I drink more than 4 liters per day. Now it’s mostly water with some exceptions around the day, espacially in the morning time.

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I have a bad sweet tooth, but I am trying to redirect it to fresh fruit and away from processed and baked goods.

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I have a bad sweet tooth. Really, if I had my way, I would eat chocolate and absolutely nothing else.

I eat really badly now. Pringles, chocolate, cookies, and coffee. I eat out every other day though - garden salad, pasta, chicken, and soft drinks. I gained a lot of weight since my exercise routine has been limited. I’m thinking of doing burpees and tried. LOL, I could not do one set. So, I’ll try again tomorrow.

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i eat badly too, chocolate, chips etc

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