Does anybody get paranoid sometimes

I get paranoid sometimes, and I think it is because hearing voices. Also I think it is because I get overwhelmed sometimes with my suffering, and that makes me paraniod

I get most paranoid from voices and visuals. But delusions in general make me paranoid

I get paranoid about others wanting to do physical harm to me

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I guess it’s paranoia, I thought it was part of my OCD, but I guess not.

I’m usually paranoid. I don’t feel comfortable around strangers

I’ve been seeing government cars watching me. All is did was get shoes and bus home. Wtf. Is going on?

I get occasionally paranoid usually when stressed.

No government cars are watching you @roxanna

I definitely get paranoid more than average, imo.

The topics would make me paranoid to talk about them though.

More anxiety than paranoia. But yes, it’s natural for us.

I get paranoid of serial killers at times.

I get paranoid very easily, I overthink everything

Even when I’m doing very well I still have issues with paranoia

I’ll get anxious a lot and suspicious of strangers motives.

But yeah I can become paranoid.

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I’m constantly paranoid. It never goes away

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I get paranoid sometimes, thinking people are up to things

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