Am I the only sleepwalker?

It used to be bad. My sis even put an alarm on the door so she could hear it when I got out.

The worst one… I got up… went out in the rain… walked to the little corner market and just took a bunch of candy bars off the shelf and walked back down the street to my home…

Woke up the next morning with wet bedding and candy wrappers all over my kitchen. So confused.

My sis says she followed me and paid for the candy.

I often wake up in a different room of the apartment… The worst is when I wake up on the floor of the kitchen blocking the back door. It makes me wonder if I was dreaming about intruders…

I thought I was doing better… I had horrid dreams last night… but I woke up in my own bed… so I thought this was Ok…

This morning I’m finding food all around the house… finally found my coffee in the bookcase… put a gallon of milk under the sink… found a loaf of bread in the closet…

Very aggravating… still have more food to find.

Does anyone else sleep walk?

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Does the alarm on the bedroom door not wake you up? I’ve never sleep walked.

I’ve never sleep walked but I sleep talk - I was asleep on the settee and started hollering like an ambulance siren - not good when you’re a fifty something spinster and there are guests in the house.

The alarm is on the front door… It hasn’t woken me up… but it wakes my sis up… so she can get me back in the house.

But one for the bedroom door might be a good idea… unless I have to go for a pee…

I’ll have to work on this idea.

I think getting an alarm for the bedroom door would be a good idea. You can get small portable ones that you can turn off and on.

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Here’s a doorstop alarm

Click here

This looks so cheap and effective…

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Thank you for that…

This is very much worth a try. I like the look of this one.

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I don’t sleepwalk, I sleeprun… thank goodness it only happens once in a while, I can’t stand jumping out of bed and sprinting straight into a wall, it’s very painful

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I’m sorry you have to deal with that…

So glad I’m slow.

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If your sleepwalking wasn’t so serious, it would be funny. I know it’s a big problem for you , but surely you see the humor in it, right?

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yes i sleepwalk…the other morning i woke with a bruised eye and no idea how i got it. i’ve also thrown away foodstuffs. let the dogs out, held fullblown conversations with my daughter, driven my car, cut myself, burnt myself…the list goes on and on. i always wake up in my own bed but with my feet on the floor so i know mostly when i’ve been up and doing weird things. either that or i find petrol missing from my car…i have no idea where i go or what i do…part of me is very curious and the other part just doesn’t want to know at all…


I know it’s a bit funny at times… especially when nothing is damaged and I’m not hurt… waking up to a kitchen full of candy wrappers is funny…


I’ve also held full blown conversations with people… I haven’t driven asleep…

I’m sorry you have to deal with this too… sometimes it’s just makes me wonder why my brain is doing what it’s doing.

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wow… !?!
take care :alien:

i did not think i slept walked… :door: :lock:
but mrs. sith begs to disagree !?!..:woman:
i guess she is right !?!
but wierdly for about ten years i would go to bed in my clothes anyway…
mrs. sith would find nails , screws. hammers :hammer: , and screwdrivers in the bed…that fell out of my pocket… ( i did a lot of carpentry back then…what the !!? )
take care :alien:


I scream in my sleep lol

Same here, its called night terrors. I dont usually recall screaming but people tell me i do from time to time, only every blue moon though.

I sleep walk quite frequently, but mildly usually just go to the loo… And find my pyjamas the next morning someone in the house …
I have woken up in different places, like the floor in the dining area
My husband woke me up sleepwalking, about to piss on a chair in the bedroom …
I remember scrabbling around looking for the loo in the bedroom, Which woke him up , that’s the only time I’ve been woken up while sleepwalking though …
woke up standing and finishing eating a hot cross bun in the kitchen with no memory of walking or how I got there…
I sleepwalk frequently, but nothing serious


I read The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and apparently he kept his tobacco in a Persian slipper. You don’t have a problem. You just have a brainy detective alter ego.

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