Does anyone here sleepwalk?

I have sleep walked a few times in my life and the events I saw as I walked through the dream did actually happen.

Chronic sleep walker. My sis even put an alarm on the door so I don’t get out at night.

I’ve woken up on the floor in odd parts of the apartment.

Sometimes I’m not even aware I have been sleep walking until I wake up and find things that are out of place.

Other times… it feels like a dream I’m walking through but very vivid. It’s an odd feeling.

Usually stress or agitation will bring it on.

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I don’t feel as though I am dealing with stress presently. I had an odd, lucid dream last night and it is the only reasonable explanation of how my cat was found in an always locked room. It is such a scary and powerless feeling thinking I may have sleepwalked.

i’m a chronic sleep walker too…i always get back to bed though…i generally wake in a position of having one or two feet on the floor and my body on the bed…i will hold conversations, let the dogs out for a wee, or sit on my bed and rock myself, i’ve stolen my daughter’s bread that was proofing and she caught me…sometimes it;s ike i’m on automatic and other times i am completely lucid and you couldn;t tell the difference between the two states of being awake of asleep.

i have d.i.d so sometimes that other personality comes out when i’m asleep…i think she gets more time when i#m asleep as opposed to me being awake. she does come out when i’m awake but only briefly. she’ll drink my drink or have a cigarette…or talk to the kids and buy them something…i’m never aware of losing time until i find the evidence afterward. like i’ll go to drink my freshly made coffee and i’ll find an empty or half drunk cup yet in my mind there is no time missing. in my mind there has been no break in the proceedings at all. it all flows smoothly. or i’ll be writing something, go to sleep, wake up and she’ll have written something.
she’s not a public persona at all. it;s sort of just between me, the kids and her. she has never spoken to my psychiatrist who is only aware of her through me. she has never spoken to my psychiatric nurse either. she’s been with me that i’m aware of and by that i mean, leaving messages for me to find, for at least 11 years that i know of…i guess you can;t hide everything huh. the information had to go somewhere and i’m guessing it went into her.

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I have been known to cook complete meals, runt he washer, dryer and dishwasher, go take out garbage, watch tv, crochet, paint my daughter’s bedroom-while she was sleeping in it. I seem to do it more the more I am stressed, started walking in my sleep about the age of four.

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I had a scary sleep walk I slept out on a hammock next thing I know I found myself disoriented in the woods. I had my flashlight though found a stream walked downstream it was frantic cutting through the woods in the dark with no bearings then I heard my dogs they found me then I realized a path through the tall grass I was about 100 yards from my house

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Wow! I woke up outside on my front steps once.

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Did u just realize you were there or remember how u got there?

I don’t know how I got there but recall the dream scenario I was responding to

I had a lucid dream that I was a cat and the next day…sure enough, kitty crunchies; X’s and triangles in the toilet :frowning: I know what was going on with me then…refused to be ‘fed’ by anyone. My husband had just passed and we were really close. He as an example, would even have me read particular books. I wanted no one else to feed me so I was rather thin…