A sleeping ponder... looking for ideas


It’s odd that sleep seems to be the forum topic today. I’ve been having a new gift from the head circus. This isn’t troubling as much as ponderable.

I sleep well I think, I have Ok dreams but lately I wake up in other parts of the house. I am a gold medalist in sleep walking. My sis even put an alarm on the doors in case I get out in my sleep.

But I can usually tell what sort to stress or carving or restless activity is going to bring on my sleepwalking. When I do sleep walk… I still go back to bed. But this new one…

I’m relaxed, I feel fine, no stress, no worries, I am tired hence going to bed. I’ve woken up on the floor in my sisters room, the bathtub, the floor by the back door. I have a blanket and pillow with me.

Either I grab this and walk around or my sis will just tuck me in where I lay. I should have woken her up and asked her about this part before posting. Just a ponder… But does anyone else feel the need to chain themselves to the bed?


I sleep walk pretty often. Luckily, I live in a studio, so there’s not a lot of places I can go lol. I always wake up on the couch, sometimes sleep smoking.

So I’ve just started going to sleep on the couch. Because I’m going to eventually end up there anyways!




It is amazing what craving can do. I sleep smoked a bit a few months ago when I was trying to quit. I do remember sleep drinking. My body craved alcohol that much.

During my sister’s week in hospital, my smoking went back up to nearly half a pack a day, but Today I’m going for 5 cigs only. Haven’t had one yet. :no_smoking:

That is a ponder… I wonder if the nicotine spike is doing it.


That’s actually a good observation. It very well could be the nicotine causing it. Or maybe it’s a delayed reaction to your sister’s health problems.

I’m trying to cut back on smoking too. And that’s why I’m sleep smoking. I’m down to 8 cigs per day. From 30 this time last year.

Cutting back is very tough, but I know you can do it!




That is very excellent news. I remember you saying you smoked bit heavy last year. Wow, first the walking, seeing friends and now this. It’s hard. It plays with the head. But you’ll beat it I bet.

You are really kicking this in the butt. Way to go Anthony. :thumbsup:

So what have you been doing for headaches or other little gifts of craving?


I cut down very gradually. And I used an e-cig as a substitute to lessen the nicotine withdrawal. So that helped tremendously with the headaches and irritability that I usually get when I try to quit.

I’m now down to using the e-cig only 2-3 times per day. I wish I could use it more, to replace more real cigs. But it just doesn’t give the same pleasurable feeling that smoking provides.

It’s still a work in progress. Thank you for the encouragement!




if i did not have my wife around ,yes, i would chain my self/ handcuff myself to furniture when i sleep.
because i know that i have the potential to be dangerous.
i think with no one around i would some how kill a lot of people so basically i am your average psycho !
take care


I take 100 mg Seroquel at night. I usually get at least four hours of sleep on it. Hooray for that!


lol i was on 1200 mg seroquel, and it didnt do anything.

i think it is the way that its digested trough your body