Does anybody else not have a life

I don’t have enough to do. I don’t have any friends and I don’t have a job. A lot of times I sleep to avoid just sitting there staring into space. I get frustrated and angry because of this. It is so annoying. Can anybody relate?

I can relate, Jake…

I can as well but I can’t sleep :frowning:

No life either. It’s pretty sad that i’m home on New Years Eve watching wheel of fortune.

how about getting into reading, the books cost nothing from the library and it is so quiet in there.
you could take up painting, or just go for long walks in the countryside.
i find getting into a routine of rising at a certain time , eating healthy food etc…helps heaps.
also getting a dog to care for will take you out of your own mind.
maybe helping some one else , could also heal you a bit !
take care

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I understand how u feel, I got my relapse when I had that situation, now I just fill my time in studying, I have set dreams to accomplish, without them I feel no reason for living.
U can set gaols and dreams for u to do, u can doo anything…

I don’t want their life, a life would be nice, but not their life.

Their life is no better, even though it seems so because of their boiling pride in it, but that will disappear very quickly won’t it.

I wish that i was more bored these days, if i was bored i would not be in pain, and my life wouldn’t seem so paranormal at times, boring sounds very nice actually, quiet, boring, mmmmmm. Although i can’t figure out if it is the technology of spirits or the technology of people, perhaps both at different times, all that i know is that a voice in the shower spoke up as i tried to convince myself i was insane, i desperately tried to tell myself “you are probably just crazy, it’s your brain”, as soon as i thought this a voice says in my mind “we are talking to you, this is not you thinking, we are actually talking to you right now, it’s not you.”

Im not sick, it’s honestly more of a murder really. To much has happened for me to think otherwise. Get a life right.

I can definitely relate. No friends, no job too. When i feel empty and bored the first thought is to retreat to my bed.

If having a life means lots of artificial friends and parties then no I don’t have one. I do have a life of writing, arts, my pets, nature, etc


i do have a life because i have kids and pets. my neighbours r lovely people and i talk to them either over the fence or on facebook, sometimes drink with one of them. but i know how u feel. most of the time i dream on my bed. i have no structure apart from taking the dogs out everyday. i don’t really watch tv or listen to the radio or have any hobbies to speak of yet but i plan to. i need to get out of this house a couple of times a day or night. taking the dogs is great as i live near open forest but its solitary. i need to cultivate relationships besides my neighbours, kids and parents. one day my kids will move out and my parents, bless them, will die. i need to cultivate friendships and hobbies to keep me occupied. i plan on taking sewing lessons this year as i have both sewing and knitting machines i don’t know how to use. i’m starting swimming next week once a week and a knitting group on monday if i can pluck up the courage to go. i need to do these things. i want a life other than these four walls and my family. i need some intellectual stimulation. i’m a bright girl and my brain is starved of input living this life. it feels like i’m dying inside. i spend most of my time in my room day dreaming. i need to make a rule that i will spend an hour a day downstairs writing. i’m just waiting for my new pc to b built and i have to force myself to sit at that bloody thing and write. i also want to go to college this year and learn something. anything will do just to get my brain in gear. don’t live a half live. i’d rather do it and say i tried than not try at all. xxx

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i believe in certain paranormal things but i don’t believe in telepathy. i have voices, over 200 of them both dead and alive. they try and convince me every day that i am telepathic but i don’t buy into it…and u shouldn’t either. i have been haunted by a ghost since i was 16 years old. that i believe in because others have seen it happen. i’ve seen a ghost and i know it was true because i don’t visually hallucinate but i am not telepathic with them. it’s not possible. if it were they would give their names and addresses where they used to live, they would want you to get in touch with loved ones because they can’t, they would give you checkable personal information, tell u where they are buried etc to prove to u they r who they say they r. ur not telepathic. y would they waste their time tormenting u when they could use your mouth to pass messages to the world about death…think about what u said in the shower…“it’s my brain.” u were right. that’s all it is. take ur meds and if they’re not working try a different one. what have u got to lose? xxx

I don’t have much of a life. I only have three friends, one of whom lives in London (I live in the states). So I only email with her, but I am blessed to have her as a friend. She’s very compassionate, and doesn’t judge me for my illness. Another friend I met at community college, and we only keep in contact through email. Another friend lives across the street from me, and I see her (and her son) about once or twice a month. Right now I don’t have much to do as I don’t have a job. But on January 22nd, I start school again, which will keep me busy and help fill up my days.

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I don’t have a life but I do. I think it’s something you have to cultivate.

When you hear voices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your life pretty much becomes about what you’re hearing from your voice. No one can ever really know what you go through.

In 2012, I taught Mathematics at a community college here in New Zealand, but it became too stressful for me so I quit.

Now I’m at home with my girlfriend, and that’s the way it needs to be. It won’t be any different in the future.

I think we all have a life… It’s a very simple life. But a life none the less.

I live with my kid sister who is also my best friend. I happen to live closer to the college she’s attending. She does work at getting me out and talking to people at least once a week. Because she’s really outgoing people come by here all the time. I have another friend who has come back into my life now that I’ve stopped drinking and drugs and gotten stable. No girl friend, but I feel very Ok with that.

My parents are still alive and live about 20 minutes away and they are still helping us out here and there. I have three younger brothers and slowly but surely we’re getting a long a little better.

I have job, but I mostly work alone in my job. Which in the past has been the only reason why I’ve been able to have a job. But now I want to do more things with my job. I want to learn more. I start school in a few days.

I’m so happy that you’re starting school soon. I hope you’ll be able to post here in your spare time. We all love hearing from you!

Good luck!



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I was like that. I got sick of it… and started asking my family if I could help them. I did… quite a bit. I was the “available guy”. Then when I finally did get a job, I was missed. For not being there anymore. Even chastised.

I didn’t say i thought they were dead people.

I do think they are alive though.

I’ve even been harmed twice, once shocked and once burned, the burning even left two marks for awhile, both times “someone” appeared visually.

They even have machines now that can induce voices and sounds in a person’s awareness.

I was like that tell someone made me run away from it all. It was great. But in time schizophrenia take another bit. So please help and run when you can!

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