Does any one have it where the voices put stuff inside them

The voices say they are putting physical thoughts in my body saying it will turn into tourture after death and I can feel it feels like my spine vibrates or energy gets put inside me. It feels kinda good but the voices say it’s the worse pain they have ever given cuz they say they have tortured every one after death and they say it’s all for smoking ciggs. I wonder if any one else gets this cuz my voices say they do this to every one

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Lucifer and Louisa put homicidal thoughts in my head

I get those to 1515

My voices used to praise me for smoking as I was recycling the souls of the dead and enabling them to escape into the universe.

Kinda weird but I don’t believe it any more.

Lucky my voices hate me for it once they used to say that it was opening up heavens defences for attack and that I killed god with it by smoking weed. Now they say all it does is have them decide to take me to hell forever

Try not to give your voices any credibility. They are just part of your schizophrenia.

I dont and they say that iam stupid for not believing them

Pretty sure if there’s an afterlife, schizophrenics would be welcomed and cured immediately, then treated like heroes.

I say this because it seems like a ton of people on this site are worried about being dragged to hell forever because of what their voices say. That’s just not rational.

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