Does any body get big coincidences

Does any one get big coincidences like searching something on google and the first thing that pops up has to do with you or a song at the Grammys having to do with your delusions or your name being used in a tv show or movie? If so what or am I the only one?


Yes I think this is extremely common with this illness.

From my understanding dopamine plays a role in paying attention. Since we have a huge surge of dopamine wen we are ill, we pay more attention than usual so, we see more coincidence than usual

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lots of sites like facebook use targeted advertising. Like don’t get paranoid but they make suggestions based on your previous searches. We actually have found it works out better for our cricket club than doing the prehistoric stuff like advertise for players in the papers. It costs less and actually brings results…
…in this instance. Any person searching for cricket in our area gets an add for our cricket club…

So there’s that. Then there’s ideas/frames of reference. One is common practice and the other will make it seem like everything is relating to you. Both are worthwhile thinking about for your symptoms.


I get huge coincidences all the time.

I was just going to ask this exact same question.


Yes, they make me crazy

The coincidences terrify me.

Yes but I try to ignore it

All the time honestly

Every time it happens I tell myself… It’s just a coincidence… It’s just a coincidence… But sometimes even that doesn’t help.

One of the many coincidences:
The other day i went to Athens, a 5 million people city, and I saw 5 acquaintances

All the time. Freaks me out sometimes.

sometimes and it’s eerie

I recalled the part of Donnie Darko where Drew Barrymore was talking about how “Cellar Door” was Tolkien’s favorite word(Apparently that’s now debated). And I was going around the house with a baseball bat and put a measly chair in front of my basement door bc I didn’t know what might come out. (My one time psychosis in 2012).

I mean coincidensts to that seem like the whole world is out to get you or your special in some cases like some thing that says u have to be jesus or the name of some one in a tv show that relates to your life or in my case I searched mother earth and I got a video being thr first one saying something about temptation and the time for the video was 4:14 my birth month and birth day and the temptation being smoking and that being my voices say iam going to hell forever for smoking. Some thing like that do you get?

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When I was psychotic, I used to get really big coincidences, like synchronicity. I was convinced God was talking to me. And I still think He was. He has gone into silence mode now for some reason.

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Yeah that reminds me of my psychosis, I was expressing myself on one hand which is part of this thing, and my perception was wondering about 3:14 Pi Day, 3:15 Ides of March, and 3:16 due to the bible passage? (Anyway I don’t remember anything from Sunday School.) But those three days were like a Guantlet to get through because I was worried about my safety - to use a euphemism.

You have the same birthday as me.

Recently I started thinking j am God and one time j was thinking about it and j saw the number 777 at work. I still think I am. It comes and goes though with my mood swings

All the the time too many to count i know something sinister is happening either god or evil is trying to communicate with me