Does any body get big coincidences

I tell myself to forget about them because they happen so often I would just go crazy otherwise.

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I read a part in a book(A book that I thought was a sinister “love letter” to me) that [in paranoia] there’s often a kernel of truth to it. We need to always remember we are real, we touch lives, we have skin in the game at some junctures…

Back in 2009, I looked up schizophrenia on Wikipedia and a flashbulb went off. The opening line was" it’s a disorder effecting perception and expression".

For me I know I need to express less because it causes a form of permutations(or at least grist for the mill). I think about releasing things into the universe, and jinxing stuff. But on the other hand it’s what I am. how I matter. Another thing I read is “uncertainty makes us feel more alive.” Reminds me of the 80s song from Aha : “it’s no better to be safe than sorry.”

Your avatar name made me notice you… how do you interpret what I just wrote? I’m sick too. And I agree sometimes hope is “kindled” by others who actually don’t believe in us they just want to frustrate. That’s my dark-side talking.

Yeah iv been seing a shawman and feeling better but the coinicidents like the work coin is in it and has to do with jesus getting betrayed and I saw stuff on the grammies golden globes commercials and the Oscars about me and the voices say that they are the creators and are gonna put me in hell forever for ciggs

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Sycronisities mess with me to

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Does any thing have it where the coinicidents are the news about them or commercials have to do with them. Or like the universe is really making it out for you to be important?

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Like what?34454rr

Constantly get big coincidences. I think things and they happen. All the time. I have a problem and the solution appears that is too perfect and random that I know I am being looked out for.

I always get feelings that ppl who hurt me r spying on me. I dunno y, its sumthin that keeps me fearful

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We create reality with our minds in this quantum simulation…

Quantum double split experiment and the quantum eraser experiment prove this.

Yes the synchronicities pop up all the time for me. More often then not the entities create these occurrences (for me, or I’m creating them myself).

Like what? 123221

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There are honestly so many it is hard to recall everything. Just a few are, they purposefully give me a locker or number to something that correlates to my favorite number. They will wake me up on purpose at times like 3:33AM on the dot, or my birthday time they’ll make me look at the clock (or I’ll be asleep), I’ve also been woken up at the exact time of my birth also which is early in the AM. They correlate signs (through street signs, books, etc.) that are in reference to people I recently spoke to or things I’ve been intrigued about or researched at that moment in time. Also same with license plates. An example of this was when I started Kriya yoga over two years ago, I ended up being behind a vehicle whose license plate said, KRIYA. Definitely not just a coincidence. Synchronicities happen everywhere all the time, just a matter of being aware.

How long ago was that?

Today’s adds are based off of mathematical algorithms done by computing through mainframes and key loggers for registered e-mail accounts as well as friend links. Matter of fact, some friends would link some wicked music and that appears in the links of others that link to my link that have listened to it. For example this… give me a moment to find it…

Happens to me every day

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