Today in a cafe, someone said the word I was thinking

That reinforces the belief that i am in a trumanomatrix


Don’t try to change my mind. I am sure

Every incident of life has been uploaded by programmers

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are u on meds? 1515

He has medication resistant SZ, hes on 3xmax dose of abilify


No, I don’t take abilify anymore. I take clozapine, Chlorpromazine, haldol.

I’m on meds, but these “coincidences” drive me crazy.

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Me too with the coincidences

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The great minds think alike, Om, its just this i think :slight_smile: Dont dwell on your trumanomatrix, there is the collective subconscious in life too :wink: .

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Those types of coincidences used to happen to me all the time-- was totally convinced there were some other forces at play.

It’d happen with people and especially the TV.

After starting meds, it’s faded considerably.



What words were you thinking?

“Waiter. Check Please.”




Sorry to Burst Your Bubble @Om_Sadasiva, But Everyone Can Relate. Whether They Are Able to Admit it or Not.

Individuality is Prime Objective And or Suspect With Thus Narrative.

We All Have Our Own Personal Thoughts. Our Own Personal Universe. Only You, Have Those Colour Eyes & Design That You Have. You & No One Else. So…, In Short, A Slight Character in a Hollywood Movie That Metaphorically Speaks Like, ‘The Truman Show’.

We All, (Especially With Thus Illness), We All Understand. And Can Relate.

And Not Surprisingly, Many Without Thus Illness, Can See Their Own Shadows in That Theatrical Performance.

But!, Here’s The Catch. Pride. Sloth. Ego Tripping. Gluttony. Delusions of Grandeur. All of Those Pits of Oblivion Will Weigh Your Aura, And Energy Down. Where All You Will Be Able to Do, is Talk About How Terrible Your Fate Has Become.

So. In Short. Drop The Character You Feel You Have Become. And Start Over.

Make a List of Positive Goals And Begin Again.

Good Luck!.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

:latin_cross: :yin_yang: :latin_cross:

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This happens to me very frequently
Whenever I go into town virtually

It comes from 1. synchronicity
2. Trippy druggie a holes or other schizophrenics
3. The fact that the schizophrenic brain works faster than the normal brain
So fast that it’s before you’re aware you are reacting to the stimulus, you get it mixed up and think you thought it first.
Response so fast you think what you think came first

Knowing this scientific Fact
Has made me so much more secure in the knowledge that no mattter how real it is arguable
This fact still does not feel reassuring enough for me to believe it
At the time it’s too convincing that there is mind reading or something
Even thinking about it after I’m not convinced but there is logic. The logic helps a bit

It’s just coincidence, I remember having that kind of thing happen alot when I was Psychotic. It’s also possible that they didn’t even say the word. Sometimes when you hear things just out of earshot they are garbled and your mind fills in the rest. But even if they did say the word, so what? Really…I mean how common of a word was it?

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Oh, sorry. I forgot you said that…fine go on believing it.

It’s called synchronicity. Some people think it’s real – even normal people. Some people are more prone to believing paranormal things and the matrix stuff. People more prone to paranoia and conspiracy theories. I am one of them. I think some of it is legit.

Some people think it has to do with quantum physics.

But some people are just delusional and hyper-sensitive and paranoid and hyper-aware.

I read four books today and saw the word “the” multiple times. I said “the” three times yesterday. It’s pretty eerie.


I think this happens to everyone. I’ve had the conversation with many people over the years saying, wow has that happened to you? Or, the radio just said the word I said out loud 3 seconds ago, that’s so weird and cool!

It’s just a thing that happens occasionally to everyone.

Trick is not to dwell on those things. Just try to have a mindset that nothing surprises you anymore.

Probably just a coincidence although I have had similar experiences. They can be convincing.