Does anger make you feel in the real world?

I hate being angry – it makes me feel ‘ugly’. and un-ladylike.

however, when I am angry I feel like I am with the world in a real sense, more healthy even although I know it is unhealthy to be that way.

anybody else?

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hi anger makes me feel guilty and bad (after an outburst) i feel out of control anger i think is the enemy of peacefulness with all this junk in my mind all the time i have to try to be as calm as possible.

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I completely hate the taste of anger. It’s unhinging and taste like bitter orange peels and bad vinegar. I have worked to keep it in check and stay calm.

But there was a time where it was the only thing I could feel. A lot of adrenaline goes into anger. Pupils dilate, heart races… nerves sharpen… if your feeling in a slump… that whoosh of being on edge is like a wake up call.

It can get addicting. There was a time where I would let myself just get that unhinged… that off the hook because at least I was feeling Something and something was better then nothing…

But like everything… the extreme spike of energy faded and would leave me more deflated and rust brown and drained. So there was no level ground it was out of control anger spike… then flat motionless nothingness… swing, swing, swing.

I went to anger management classes to break that cycle. Now I have more then one color in that spectrum… I have slightly irritated, getting annoyed, becoming miffed… it’s not all… jump to RAGE… do not pass Go.

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yeah ultimately all it does is piss other people of and leave you depleted of enegery LOL

Speaking of anger - I have been a lot more bitter and cranky (irritable) lately, for almost a week or so. I am losing my patience with my brother and his wife a lot more - just fed up with people in general. I do think that I am going to raise this isssue with my pdoc, I just have been wanting to do less and I am not in the greatest mood. I have a feeling she will tell me to deal with it. She does not like to adjust meds or add a new med for every little thing that I am going through, but I do feel that my bad moods/irritability is becoming an issue for me :angry:

Anger is something I feel much too often these days. It is ugly and feels like the monster inside of me is taking over, so it makes me feel less real and less normal. Normal people wouldn’t get angry over the silliest things like I do! So, no, anger takes me out of the real world, not puts me in it.

Yes. Maybe blocking out anger blocks out everything else?

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I hadn’t thought of that. I like that pondering.

Anger feels better than fear.


I don’t normally get angry.

But when I do I prefer Dos Equis…

Wait that’s not it.


I dwell on anger a lot. In a way it feels good, but I tend to get an emotional hangover from it. When I am angry I am focused on other people’s faults and not my own. There is such a thing as justifiable anger, and I think I have it.