Does all p doc different vision

About your diagnosis and treatment? İf so do you find this is professional? for me all my p doc have used different medication and different dosage on me.but İ m not the different person. So why all p docs have different so much opinion about our diagnosis and treatment? Do you also find this insecure as me?

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I finally managed to sleep for few hours.
I’m on Risperdal which I found that is wearing off recently.I used to be on depot and it was different story.Next time at appointment I will ask for Zyprexa.
Back to the question.I think my new Psychiatrist is reluctant to change the meds.I’ve only been at her’s for three times.Doctors must get used to trust you before you ask for med change.Once they get used to know you,I feel like it’s easier to ask for it.My DX has been changed for too many times.

If I’m not misunderstanding, P doc= psychiatrist doctor?
My psychiatrist mainly treat schizo patient and he’s most likely to diagnosed the case he handle with Schizophrenia, that why I’m here
sorry I forgot to type, I think it’s up to their experience working

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Sorry maybe this is just about with my country but at here nearly every p doc has used different medicine on me. And we have no option to choose our medicine. We have to comply their choice of medicine about us. Thats why i asked this question.but things are different out there i guess.

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No,i think they are usually very rude anywhere.It’s their vanity that’s talking.

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İ think you are right. All my pdoc has different level of experience. That might be answer.


My pdoc won’t switch me off of risperidone to a different med.
She’s afraid I’ll become psychotic again.
Maybe she has a point.


Where are you from, @anon68444330?

I can choose to take different medication, but my pdoc really wants me on Saphris. It even caused my Tardive Dyskinesia, but she is hesitant to take me off of it. I could tell her I won’t take it anymore, and she’d switch me, though. I am sure if I went to a different doctor, they would choose something else. I previously had a pdoc who had me take a LOT of meds which is why I switched to my current doctor in the first place. I’m not sure if her choice is best of not , but I take it because she tells me to. I trust her. I was insecure about my old pdoc, though.

İ m from turkey and here we have no rights to choose our medicine. We have to comply what pdoc decision about us.

I’ve never met anyone from Turkey before. I admittedly don’t know much about it. I am terrible at geography and world cultures!

Don t worry you don t missing anything.

Awww… that makes me sad.

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Sometimes it’s insurance. I know with my anti depressants I had to fail on a number of them before I could get approved for one of the newer meds. It was frustrating. Months and months of titrating doses of the same med making sure adequate time was used to see if an increase would work. I begged for ECT but my doctor wouldn’t do it. With my insurance I would have had to fail on basically all the meds first. Finally trintellix helped, but for how long I don’t know.

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İ think doctors don t want to rely on people decisions here because vast majority of people here are so ignorant.(especially at medical issues) that s why they don t want to risk their career and patient’s health both for misleading patient demands.

Psychiatry is really an art says my shrink. We don’t really have much idea of what works for different people. What works for me might not be good for anyone else. A good psydoc will have an idea of how to approach treatment but it really is just try medications.

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The pdoc I see is excellent he tells you about the side effects and risks of a particular medication and dosage and then his recommendation, but ultimately you choose. I had a choice between going back on Fluonxol changing to Abilify or lowering my dose of risperidal due to side effects. He went through each choice with me and recommended the lowering of dose which I went with, should that not work I will choose abilify in the next six months. I think that we as patients should be able to choose our medications based on being well informed by the pdoc. Otherwise we just guinea pigs for them

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