I feel like sh!t

Since my pdr told me he won’t change my meds at all anymore. I feel abandoned by my main support source. I feel worse than before he called and I am still on the same meds so its purely psychological.


I’m outta the loop so what did want your meds changed to. My doc recently upped my meds.

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I wanted Zyprexa now and then Vraylar by end of this year when it comes out here.

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What are you on now? I’m kinda in the same boat. I was on rexulti before I moved, then after I was switched to ability. I was starting to like my previous med but apparently its hard to come by where I moved.

I am on Risperdal 4mg.

I thought you were going to try to switch docs?


I hated risperdal. It made me angry and hungry.

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Yes the clinic close to my house said I just need a referral from my family Dr but my current pdr clinic said I need to talk with my current pdr first and he will decide.

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Why did he not let you take different medicine?

He gave up. I told him why on Abilify I had no negative symptoms and now on Risperdal I have severe negative symptoms. He said I am making myself sick in the bed. He’s sick in the head!

You can get a lawyer…but they are very expensive though…also you have rights as a patient.

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I have an apt with my family Dr soon. He’s very nice to me and was very happy when I told him about Vraylar. I’ll tell him to file a complaint against my current psychiatrist.

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Did he gave you a valid reason to why he chose and decided not to give the option of changing medications? <-
If no: Then he is not helping you objectively, he is forcing what he think is best for you yet it isn’t.
if yes: Then there is a possibility that he had let you tried all the possible medications and there are no more.

And yes, a doctor should help a patient to get better by judging correctly what symptoms should be addressed to, objectively. If one does not, i do suggest a switch to another doctor who gives better support and really cares too. A doctor who is not empathic nor is he merciful aren’t really fit to be a true doctor (just a quack)

On the other hand, please do speak to your doctor more objectively and try your best not to involve too much emotions when it comes to addressing your medications (meds ONLY)
And i hope that your doctor or future doctor(s) and you would respect each other and do things at each other’s interests, all the best and good luck.

Michael a.k.a lordarous

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My current pdoc refuses to switch my meds.
She flat out told me.

She’s afraid because I became psychotic and had to be involuntarily hospitalized two times in 2016.

But honestly I don’t see why your current psychiatrist refuses to try new meds with you?

Is he old?

Maybe you should switch to that other psychiatrist.

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I changed his mind, told him how the Rexulti and the Abilify give me addiction and hypersexuality side effect. I told him about the FDA and Health Canada warnings about those drugs. I also told him that I will switch him for another pdr if he doesn’t want to prescribe me Vraylar when it comes out. I will change him if he refuses to prescribe it when it comes out.

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Syrians make excellent doctors.
My Uncle is a doctor and so are his 3 sons.
They are top notch doctors. @Aziz

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