Voices and Weights

Anyone else get voices telling you not to go to the gym and lift weights???

Or some type of workout like pushups for situps?


I have the opposite, this one voice who comments on my weight and calls me lazy


My voices just call me fat and encourage me to overeat. They love it when I gain weight. I feel better when I exercise and actually just lifted light weights an hour ago.

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They tell me not to go college… or play my guitar/bass… or gym… its weird…

@gamter they mess with us! Notice they tell us not to do all the things we love and that are good for us!!

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How can we counter that? haha

Its so sad :S

I empathise with you, I think the IRA don’t want me to excruciating either but I get ideas of reference not voices. If I had voices I wouldn’t exercising at all so I’m really proud of you for still exercising even with voices. Why don’t you just ignore them and go for your dreams anyway

Sometimes they get a bit Iffy, if i do… thats why i tend to listen to them.

Yes the voices put me down for exercising. I do switch between yoga/pilates one day then run the next. They send me horrible dreams for exercising and call me selfish and a pig for exercising and eating…

This is just a snippet of what I have to put up with day and night on top of everything else I’m dealing with in my life. :tired_face:

Best of luck to you. I hope things get better!

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