How do you know if you are hearing things or if they are real?

See I dont know if I hear things or not and it makes me confused and concerned on whether I really am mad?

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The voices I heard were always internal in my head, but I knew it wasn’t just me thinking things in my head. I would have conversations with them in my head (not out loud, like talking to myself)

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Yeah I have that too but I wonder if that’s just my creative brain or something to comfort me when I feel lonely and down I know it’s not real and I still get it from time to time but yeah I also think it could be boredom as I’m not stimulating my brain enough. I don’t think I have ever heard external voices

But I also had ones like voices saying youl regret it if you dont touch the door 3 times for example like OCD thoughts

Well from my perspective they were other people talking to me telepathically, I never for a moment thought it was my imagination or creative brain as you put it.

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Yeah,I had a voice tell me to go home while i was on my way to school for a final exam. I went to the exam anyway but didn’t do well cause I was psychotic. I ended up with a C+ in the course.

I never listened to the voices or did what they said, sometime I argued with them. It was disconcerting but nothing bad ever happened if I didn’t do what I was told.

Oh really i never really truly thought they were real or getting telepathic messages or anything like that but the OCD ones where just a voice in my head saying that stuff I never knew where that voice came from

You usually can tell it’s not real. Not always. But probably everyone is different.

My husband is my reality check. My audio hallucinations are stuff that can really happen. Knocking, doors closing, cars, mumbled conversations in another room, my family calling me.


I still fight the delusion that the voices are coming from real people. I just don’t know how.

The doctors say they are hallucinations.

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90% of the time i can recognise the voice so i know its coming from my head. Tho i have been known to record background noise to double check.

I do get caught out tho. It helps im on my own most of the time so simple logic tells me its not really there. Bloody difficult in crowds tho - cos in reality people have actually slagged me off, and ive blamed my head lol.

One time I was sitting outside the residential care facility at 3:00 am, and I heard this really loud Indian war cry. It was loud enough that if it was real people would have come running outside to see what it was. For a while I thought the FBI or the OSBI had pointed some kind of gun at me that could shoot localized sound to specific points, but that’s weirder than thinking it was an Indian war cry. I’ve also heard people half a mile away from me talking about me. Another hallucination.

I can relate.
I thought it was microphones in computers and televisions, pointing the sound towards me.

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I know the mumbling voices I hear are audio hallucinations because as soon as either the furnace or the a/c turns off, so do the voices.

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