Do Your Voices Have Names?

Do your voices have names?
  • Yes
  • No
  • At least one or more

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It’s hard to say all of mine do. I have over a dozen, but most come and go. A lot of these are people, specifically gang members, I used to know and have names. There are four voices which are constant, three of which I never knew in person, though two have told me their names. I have more with names than without.

I have this chatter that is nameless,

Rarely do they even form words so I wouldn’t know their names.

But the three prominent ones do have names.

And distinct looks.

Two male, one female.

Yup, but I try not to use them anymore. Can be triggering to give them that kind of importance.

Goddess Annette, Isidore, Lucifer, Louisa, Stockhausen, Jesus, Meher Baba, Mr Thoughtless, Avavu/Avavoulix, Stalin, 27000 demons

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Weird. Mine are generic: Matt, Chris, Emily, Joe, Troy, Tristan, Darren, Sal, Damon, etc. Except one is Shorty, but that’s the only name I ever knew him by. Oh, and Roman, I never knew his real name either.

I was talking to a friend about voices. Every time I heard them they were unclear, whispers, in the distance. Then I started my meds and never heard auditory hallucinations much again.

My friend who said he hears voices all the time said his initial experience was Similar to mine then the voices became more refined , pronounced, and individualized.

So I was wondering if I stayed off my meds if I’d hear more individualistic voices.

However I kept hearing a ~40 year old blonde woman. Don’t ask me how I knew she was blonde but that’s how I pictured her.

Mine were pronounced and coherent from day one. Though I do get some incoherent chatter in the background sometimes.

I’ve met a couple of voices in dreams, both female. Ones a pretty biracial girl with short curly hair, and a really weird disgusting feature I won’t mention here. The other was a gross fat white btch with long brown hair, who likes rave beads (ugh).

Some of them do some of them don’t.

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Ha, ha… You win.

My loud thought or voice is only called “The man with the panamahat”

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I hear many voices of people I know, so they’re named. Sometimes there’s nameless voices I don’t. Voices vary so much in range, from masculine to feminine to both to ■■■■■■■ eldritch beings.

There’s also the nonsense Radio Announcer, as I call him. He doesn’t form words but the speech rhythm is like a radio announcer/host. He’s the oldest voice in terms of time since the first time I’ve heard him.

Yes, they had names because they were real people i knew, except for some like the devil.

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