Do your symptoms improve with age?

Hey guys, as above, thoughts?

My symptoms get worse but I get better at managing them.


Less positives. More negatives and depression.

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My positive symptoms have gotten better. My negative symptoms have gotten worse. Alot of apathy and indifference, no zeal for life.

Both my positives and negatives have gotten better. Don’t lose hope! Keep believing and hanging on.

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Both my negative and positive symptoms has gotten better. With the wisdom of age I have a better understanding of life and am more at ease with myself. I used to be on 10mg zyprexa, right now I’m doing 3,75mg though. However my current diagnosis is psychosis and not sz.

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I was doing well until menopause

More negatives

the positive symptoms of most schizo get better with age, if they take their medicine. if they dont take their medicine, they usually get worse.

I’m on less AP’s now. In 2008 I was taking 20mg Zyprexa, but after 5 or 6 years it was reduced to 10mg. When I switched to Abilify last May my symptoms came back on 5mg. They were maybe 2/3 intense as in 2008. The symptoms mostly went away at 10mg. My mental symptoms have gotten better, but I’m now having problems with my back, left hip and knee.

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I agree with others that my positives have lessened but that I’ve had to fight back against increasing negatives as well. Fortunately, my coping skills have greatly grown with age and, combined with diminished positive symptoms, allows me to get by on a fraction of the meds I used to need. You just can’t go wrong with therapy, worth 10x its weight in meds.


I’m 64 and I don’t think so. They mostly improve with improving your health. CBD helps immensely.

My positives got better even without meds but my negatives remained the same. Abilify 20mg improved both negatives and positives.

My symptoms got better then I got worse again and since then it’s been about up and down. But I’m more aware of my sza now and can manage it better

I’m 71 years old; my life is good.


It gives me some hope to see a lot of people got better with time. Only 15 more years to go.

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I’m 44 and i would say my symptoms overall are better than when i was younger. I wonder what i will have going on in another twenty years. If i make it that long.

I’m much less acutely/floridly ill than I was in my 20s and 30s. Social. As with many of my age social care is a primary issue. I had my 1st ever test for signs of memory loss at my recent video consultation. I passed without any trouble.

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I’ve learned to control it much better.

When I was a teen I was completely out of my mind.

Now I’m 26 and I know how to deal with things much better

Positive symptoms seem to get better as long as I take my meds but negatives got worse over time.