Do your antipsychotics cause depression?

I was diagnosed recently with schizophrenia although I’ve been on 4MG of risperidone for a year and a half now. My issue is that it makes me so depressed. I’m afraid to go on something different because it actually gets rid of the voices unlike abilify or seroquel. But now I am crying every day, and I feel so bad for my wife who married me 9 years ago before I was sz.

I have recently decided to go on an antidepressant again Eben though they weren’t doing much good before and I’ve even read ssris can make symptoms worse. I have also heard that depression caused by antipsychotics can be treatment resistant. On bad days I feel like my life is over. Then I realize I’ve got it better than some and I just feel so low. Any advice or thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.

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Do you see a therapist? You would benefit from someone to talk to.

I had a real hard time on respiridone. Have you tried other anti psychotics?

I just scheduled an appointment today for a cognitive behavioral therapist. I figure it will help give my friends and family a break from listening to me when I’m in crisis.


That’s good. I also do CBT and it has helped my depression immensely.

Just abilify and seroquel. They did nothing for the voices, which is another thing I’ve never gotten a straight answer on why not.

In my experience it took a while to find the right meds: meds which treat the symptoms with acceptable side effects.

I added an antidepressant to my APs and it definitely helped me. Took a pretty high dose though.

Why did you need an antidepressant? Is it a side effect, same as me, or just typical circumstances? What antidepressant if you don’t mind my asking?

I was feeling very low and also had problems with obsessionality. I went on 60mg of fluoxetine (Prozac). This ssri has done wonders for me. No side effects either.

Risperdal was hell for me, you should try some other medications. Don’t be afraid to try Zyprexa, it works great for me and has a bit of an antidepressant effect.

There are options out there. There are a wide variety of antipsychotic medications. Geodon has controlled my symptoms for over ten years with no depression. Tell your pdoc what is going on and ask him if he knows any good options.

I’m doing OK on a very low dose of Risperdsl - 1mg
At higher doses Risperdal worsened my paranoia, anxiety, depression and overall mood.
My psychiatrist told me that being on Risperdal is temporary.

I am also on Depakote ER
Now this drug works wonders for me.
A very stabilizing medication

i have been on resperidone for around 4 years. i am not extremely depressed but i am very slow at carrying on conversation. it takes sooooo long for me to think of a response to a statement. but that is preferable to hullications i have if i am not on the med.

I take aripiprazole. I’ve read something about aripiprazole being good for depression (maybe when it’s taken in addition to an antidepressant).

Risperdal is the cheapest antipsychotic for a reason. Antipsychotics which are good for depression include Latuda, Rexulti. Antidepressants sometimes have no effect, some of the newer ones don’t impact your libido as much.

Depression and apathy amongst other things that I won’t mention. They just gotta make better meds for psychosis.

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I take an antidepressant with an antipsychotic. My antidepressant is taken off label to treat migraines. It works great, but I have to get an EKG every year because the combination can damage the heart in rare cases. None of my doctors think it’s a very significant risk, but they just want to be extra sure.

I’m not sure, I’ve been on the same antidepressants for many years and I haven’t had depression since I have taken them. I am really lucky I think that they solved my depression completely.

Thank you everyone for all the great replies. I am considering a lot of options. Keep them coming even. I am strongly considering a different antipsychotic. Once I get over my fear that it won’t work and the voices will come back that’s probably what I’ll do. My appointment is in another month so I’ve got plenty of time to think about it.

What made Risperdal so bad for you? Most of the side effects I hear about involve restlessness and akithisia. I used to get those but don’t anymore. Now it’s just the anxiety and depression.