Do you worry about you disability benefits stopping?

I worry about this big time.

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With recent politics, I also worry.

I worry about it all the time.

I worry about it. Especially when my review comes up. I always feel like a fraud and they’re going to decide I don’t actually need it. Especially now since I’ve been out of the hospital for so long (almost 2 years!). And now with current politics it’s just got me really nervous.

I’ve worried about this. Apparently they’re not supposed to be retesting certain people but I’m not sure I’ll be in that group.

Not really. I used to be. But not anymore!

I don’t get it now and I worry I won’t get it if I ever end up needing it.

I think certain people with severe mental illness such as SZ won’t be retested for ESA. If you remember on incapacity benefit people with SZ were exempt from medicals. I think it will be the same with ESA.

I am not worried about it now as I am managing a job. I get reviewed in May though so we will see.

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With the current political climate I worry a lot.

Yes, I worry about it all of the time.

What is ESA? I don’t know this.

Its a british disability benefit.

What u mean? like money from government? Dolll money?

I worry about it because I know I can’t work. I thanked my pdoc for always supporting me and he said he just states the facts. He’s told me before I would never be able to work. This new bill has me nervous though.:sunny:

Means disability money from the government. There are two groups one called the work capacity group for people who can’t work at the moment but can in the future and the support group for people with more severe disabilities. It pays around £500.00 a month and with other disability adds ons depending what group your in ( PIP, / severe disability premium) most severe cases of disabilities add up to £1000.00 a month

I don’t care. I’d be homeless band that’s OK with me,

It’s been 7 years since I’ve been on SSDI and I’ve never had a review but I assume you all are talking about UK benefits. Still I sorta think about it but really if they did stop I have very little to lose.

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