Do you use Adderall or a similar stimulant as well as APs?

Does anyone here take adderall or something similar and also APs? It seems to me that they are contraindicative as adderall is a D2 agonist. However I know one Sza person who takes adderall and APs. My GP just prescribed me adderall for my cognitive issues. I asked for modafinal but he said it wouldnt work. Im a bit worried that a stimulant could bring on psychosis or mania, but I also really really want my brain to work better. Maybe if you are on APs its enough protection against the psychotic potential of the stimulant?

Hello? Anyone? I cant be alone here

I have been on Ritalin and Concerta along with an antipsychotic (currently Abilify) for three and a half years and counting and so far have had no psychotic symptoms at all really, except for some mild irritability. It’s worked wonders (the stimulants) for my negative synptoms. Good luck - keep us posted.

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You takw ritalin and concerta? What mg of each

10 mg of Ritalin and 108 mg of Concerta

Ok so concerta is usually in greater mg than ritalin or adderall? Why do you take both

Yes, in general the equivalent strength of Ritalin to Adderal is 2:1. So 10mg of Ritalin is about equivalent to 5mg of Adderall. I take both (Concerta and Ritalin), because the Ritalin adds a few more hours of symptom control after the Concerta wears off.

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Whats the ratio for concerta tho

Ritalin and Concerta are both methylphenidate. Therefore the medications are mg for mg equivalent. It comes in immediate and extended release formulations.