Do you think your therapist is worth the money?

I stopped going to mine. it pissed me off how much he made. I didn’t think he was worth the money…heck I wasn’t even paying him, it was paid for by medicare but it still pissed me off what he thought he was worth…

the whole thing was kind of ■■■■■■■■ anyway, I never sought his help voluntarily, he gave me an appt card during my involuntary commitment.

do you think therapists are worth $100/hr or more? that’s well over 6 figures for a year

ima macho man, I don’t need no therapist dude.

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I have emotional problems on top of schizophrenia like anxiety and depression. I tend to worry a lot and get very emotional and need to talk about my problems frequently to feel better. I’m glad I can vent to a therapist instead of my family cuz it just brings my family down

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My therapist is worth being free.


Most of them don’t know how to handle sz or mental disorders @zeno you are right. But who really knows?


I think they know very well normal human psychological patterns, but these disorders mess with it so they don’t even understand us.


If you can find a therapist you can relate to it is worth the money. A lot of therapists can seem distant and aloof during therapy, but that is the way many of them think they’re supposed to conduct therapy. It is a matter of some contention among therapists if they should enter into an ego alliance with the patient. I think that in the classical model of psychotherapy the therapist is supposed to stay away from emotional contact with the patient until the patient projects his issues onto him or her. Personally, I find that model unappealing. I can’t see paying $100.00 an hour to talk to a fencepost. I need a more extraverted, talkative therapist because I have a hard time making conversation. I think Freud would say my prognosis for psychotherapy isn’t good.


I would have to say that none of my therapists were worth the money. It’s a good thing that I didn’t have to pay for any of them. There was only one therapist in my whole life that ever did me any good. And he was a military man. He helped me to resolve a big conflict I had going on in my life. Once that conflict was resolved, my depression ended along with a bad relationship, and I became happy forever after.


Most therapists are not familiar with dealing with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

My PhD therapist has no clue, but she is a pretty good listener and does try to keep me grounded.

Their work is limited.


Therapy is what my society pays for for schizophrenics. So I take therapy.

If my society paid for massage for schizophrenia, I would be getting a massage regularly.

I have approximately the same education. interests, and intellect as most therapists, and we tend to get along.



So what is my social worker worth? She has brought me from psychosis to reality and helped me cope quite a lot. My illness has gradually improved. She has cared for me in many ways. I would say she mostly helps me with everyday life.
I cannot put a dollar figure on her worth to me. Someday I hope to feel and express love in return for what she has given me.


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