Do any of you think you could make a therapist

if so why, what makes you think you could or couldnt

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i don’t think i could do it. a couple things, 1 my memory is not very good, so i would have a hard time remembering my clients details in therapy sessions, especially if i have multiple clients. another thing is i don’t know what to say, really. and lastly im not sure im empathetic enough and able to adjust my temperment to each client. i couldn’t do it.

are you considering becoming a therapist?

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My doctor told me I would make a good councilor for the younger folks with schizophrenia because of my insight and intelligence.

Not so sure. My affliction seems to flare up every 6-8 months. I haven’t quite tackled my own affairs…not ready to coach others just yet.

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No way.

Even once my own therapy is over, it is just not for me

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I couldn’t do it. I run out of conversation juice after about 20 minutes.

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How do you feel about your Mother? Your father? Oh really. Well I conclude that the trees you are talking to represent a feeling that you stand tall and have a superior view than others due to your grandiose delusions. Now pay me $200.


Well my intent is to eventually be a nurse practitioner and get into therapy. Everyone I know says I’d be good at it. I think to be a good therapist you have to a) be a good listener b) not get freaked out easy. It also helps that I’ve struggled with severe mental illness before so I can understand more than the average Joe would.


Most counselors? I don’t think they make much money.

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Nah. She was pretty, but all business.

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Yeah, as long as I didn’t have to talk or look anybody in the eyes.

I think i could possibly become a therapist. My reasoning is because, as a nurse, i already do provide therapy for our old folk. Think of it as baby psychology.

I would like to become a psychiatrist if I ever get cured from my negative and cognitive symptoms.

I definitely think I could.


Like have an appointment every week or so, with all types of sick people. Not everyday with multiple people I can tell you that.


But yeah, I would be up for the challenge if it were to arrive.

(Dont necessarily need to get paid, just kinda offer free advice typa thing.)

Not at all. Worst profession for me.

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I’d probably make a good therapist, but I wouldn’t enjoy it, and I wouldn’t be able to distance myself from the job like you’re supposed to in the way that it doesn’t affect you.
I’d get burnt out trying to save all my patients.

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Yeah I could do it. Would I. No. Big No.

I too think it’s hard to separate from it. I’m not sure I’ve met a good therapist from those I’ve met then there’s burnout and the fact that places like here are good because you can help peeps. It’s just not your work…that really would be too much for this camper.

I like my volunteer work which makes places like this not so bad if you get my drift. It’s not all you do.

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