Do you think your illness is because of your sins?

in my case i think part of my illness is because of my sins, how do you think?

Nah, I don’t believe in sins for SZ.

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Before I was diagnosed I repented all my ‘sins’ thinking that it would bring some relief. I didn’t know about psychosis or sz so I went to as much people as I could and apologised for anything I could have done wrong to them. I even paid back some long overdued debts. Since I was diagnosed and medicated, these anxieties and delusions dissapeared. Today I don’t even believe in religion anymore. As I gain more insight into sz the more I know my illness is not a result of my sins.

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i offer up my sufferings as a form of repentance. just as Christ suffered we resemble him when we suffer.

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No. I think sins and likewise karma ( if anyone understands the concept) is a complete myth.

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i also went to confession in the church, and poured out my sins, i was deeply sorry for my wrongs i cryed deeply in church, God can forgive sins

you are under the impression that people with sz are sz because they have sinned but as we know it i can affect anyone for no reason whatsoever,

it could be the work of the devil for all we now because as you know he can take many forms and who’s to say he hasnt taken the form of this mental illness

why should we repent for something we haven’t done? maybe we should repent for other things but not for that, also exorcism is no good, i’d like to try it but i dont think i could be healed that way, you would have to be a miracle worker to do that or even Jesus lol.

It depends. I think smoking pot contributes to becoming schizophrenic or at least triggers it , in some people. So the church frowns on drug use, but do they consider doing drugs a sin? I also think that if someone has committed moral sins like rape, violence, murder, child abuse, or adultery then the stress of a bad conscience might bring on schizophrenia, IF you had the propensity to have it anyway. So in that sense you could say sins caused schizophrenia. I’ve committed none of those. But I DON"T think that there is a god is punishing me, if that’s what your post means. I don’t think some old man called ‘God’ in the sky with a white beard, sitting on a throne is meting out punishment like schizophrenia because of moral sins. If that’s what you mean. I don’t think schizophrenia is some cosmic punishment for moral failings. I think schizophrenia is a problem born here on earth.

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My son once told me that God doesn’t give second chances. I can not tell him what kind of God to believe in. I can only tell him what I believe. For me God vs. Devil does not mean Good vs. Bad. We do not live in a black and white world. What I believe in is love, empathy and forgiveness starting with ourselves. We have free will therefor the ability to make mistakes. We are human with all our complex emotions. So no I don’t believe that any of your illness is because of past sins. I do not believe that a child born with a physical ailment is punishment.


I really hate it when people use disease as a morality totem. I have family in San Francisco Bay Area and they would tell me how so many people weren’t helped during the AIDS crisis because of… “Oh it’s “those” people it they lived right, they wouldn’t get sick”

I’m sorry if this is going to come off as a rant, but I was 5 when I was crumbling. I didn’t covet the neighbors wife at 5. I didn’t commit adultery at 5, I didn’t murder anyone or anything at 5. I didn’t use drugs at 5. So what sins would have made me crumble at 5?

Here in Seattle there was a T.B. outbreak among the homeless. You would think that seeing the old bad boy of Tuberculosis living large again would make people act fast. It is an air born pathogen very contagious.

But no… That’s the homeless people, not us "good"people. So T.B. came back and FINALLY when there was an out break at a grade school people were like… “OH NO, church going didn’t make us immune.” Then it was, “Oh man, we prayed… but the T.B. is still here. My kid is almost dead.” Amazing… it took shots and education and treatment to stamp this one out.

There are some hardened sicko’s who have enjoyed every sin in the book and they are not SZ. There have been some amazing children who come for therapy at my sister pool who have lived with more grace then I ever will and they have SZ on top of cancer. If God punishes children with mental and physical pain and lets Jeff Skilling of Enron walk free… then I’m still glad God and I don’t really bother each other.

Please for give the rant. Thank you for understanding this is just one silly man’s opinion.


Ya I do believe in that, big time…I lived most of my childhood as schizophrenic, and I was a bad person, I only lived a very normal and successful life when I cleansed my self from my sins…it took me years to do that, but I did it, and lately when I went a little back on my old track I had a relapse, so now I’m cleaning my self from my sins and it’s working.

good for you, happy to hear that, wish you complete health soon.

very similar story to me, at first i was like you trying to repent anything i could but gradually i lost my faith in god( i never had a systemathic religion but had deeply religious mind). i take meds now and am better now but had a very hard time struggling to resist taking meds because i thought my illness was a spiritual thing, now i dont believe in god but can see his signs and am wondering the relation between god and matter( how matter can affect soul?)

I don’t blame sins (like what, jerking off? Is that even a sin?) for making me have schizophrenia. It runs in my family, I just got lucky to inherit it. I was a really noble kid before I became schizophrenic, I wanted to be a Navy SEAL and was planning on joining ROTC in college.

I am a psych major and I can tell you that you can’t blame yourself for having schizophrenia. It’s a genetic thing, it is inherited, you don’t act bad and then become insane. It’s delusional to think that supernatural forces are punishing you…and that’s actually a common thing schizophrenics do, to think they did something to deserve it.

Schizophrenia is a genetic disorder and has an average age of onset and a whole lot of things in childhood and teenage years associated with it.

The guy who evaluated me told me that my case was organic and I was born off-kilter. I was GOING to become schizophrenic at 18. Whether I became a priest or a criminal, I would have had it anyways.

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yes, where we are, is very similar to hell and one of its charactristics is that we cant even imagine how heaven was when we were in it, in our culture there are many mystics which refer to hell as a part of journey towards god and say human is rippen just after being in hell and one of the charactristics of hell is that whatever you try you cant come out of it and it seems endless and just when you have lost your every bit of hope totally then you will come out, we have more insight about world rather than others, at least i think so. anyone do not go to hell because of sins but some go there to learn about hell. wish better days for you

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these are not things to be known by reason but with intuition if ever possible.

yes he can if he want but problem is about “want”, if he doesnt want our only way for us is “to ramain human as possible” until until he change his mind, i think it’s the only thing we can do about our illness.

I like the whole learning from being in hell thing though…I feel like I am a lot wiser than other 20 year olds. I am proud to have lived through hell. Seriously, it’s pretty badass to have visited hell. That’s the way I euphemize my condition. Im on meds and in remission now.

I found this song called “been to hell” by that douchebag band Hollywood Undead…they sing about stupid stuff (they’re a rap group from LA) but the chorus is great…

exorcism can make us mad more, such things althought real i think, are ■■■■■■■■, maybe we dont repent but just being in hell to know it and having more insight about human mind, i wrote sth for pedro27, please read it.