Do you think you seem schizophrenic?

I know when my meds are weak, or if I’m having a spike in symptoms, it’s pretty obvious that something is wrong with me. Much of the time, however, I think I seem relatively normal. I’m a friendly person, even if people don’t always know what I’m talking about (my mind wanders), and I’m able to handle lots of things (ex. doctor appointments, running errands etc.)

This wasn’t always the case, though. I think now, at least, my medications mask my awkwardness.

…Although I still make this whining, barking noise without realizing it. :smiley:

How about you guys?

Did you get your alternator checked out?

Hehe, most people’s head are so full with their own mix of squishy meatball mess that they rarely take the time to see what’s on your own plate.
Thank your lucky stars if they mind their own business.

we can smell each other pretty well, i think.

Well if I’m medicated no one can tell. Recently I found out if I haven’t been on my meds for weeks people still can’t tell. When I see people I surprise myself with my own charisma, for some reason people seem to be drawn to me and find me super friendly and caring. So no one knows about the jumbled up thing in my head I call a brain.

I think I act pretty normal. I used to act crazy when I wasn’t medicated. I didn’t realize it though my friends told me. But now they tell me I’m ok normal in a sense.

Yea no one ever thinks of me as being ill. They just get angry at me. To be honest I am masked in since I somehow am managing a good job and have lots of things I work on. So no one really knows what is going on inside my head. I also dont trust anyone so dont tell them either. People just view me as very strange I think. But im a model and actress so that helps a lot. I also am highly intelligent which helps me finagle my way out of situations. I have high insight as well. Though the times i lose it people just seem to ignore my ranting and change the subject. Though I suppose it would be nice to have understanding of mental health issues.

No one can tell with me either. But, you know, somehow, when the subject of what everybody did for a living is discussed, they always skip over me. Does that mean they can tell?

Only thing I notice is that people have noticed I’m much happier and seem to do work with little issues since I was medicated.
So I assume people might have noticed but didn’t chock it up to anything as me being ill. Such things was unintended mistakes and made me seem careless, although I almost had little capacity to care for making them. However, I was super sensitive to people ever so slightly raising their voice at me if I did a bad; it’s not as bad since I’ve been on treatment, though.

When I am in the middle of a psychotic break, it is obvious I am mentally ill. Glaringly obvious. Otherwise, not at all. I am very normal. If they could see me talking to my ‘audience’ in my car alone, they would definitely think I am struggling with MI but no one sees that. I come across as quite normal.

Whaaaaaa? Me?
Absolutely not. Never, never, never.

I’m usually very tense around people, and that tenseness causes some pretty awkward body language and facial expressions. Unwelcome thoughts enter my mind, and it is apparent through my body language that I’m thinking something really bad about a person. It is a compulsive behavior. Most people understand that this behavior is involuntary, and they humor me. Some people do get offended by it at first, but then they realize I don’t mean what my body language is saying, and they stop being angry. It is really hard for anyone to like being around me, though. I have seen this problem on a couple of other people, but this problem is still really rare among the general population.

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Im also tense around people.

It could be someone else in my body .

I also say things sometimes with out consciously meaning too.
Sometimes I don’t even know what I have said but it may of been me on another conscious level that said it spontaneously.

I think I act somewhat normal but I am quiet n don’t say much and sometimes I can not speak at all n can’t even answer questions to be polite.

I can also do errands n attend dr appointments and take care of self , bf n home n even dogs n horse .

I have love for my boyfriend s family n friends but was not feeling good about them when I felt they were attacking me with invisible weapons n it was unprovoked n I was in armed.

I have been told by my mum it’s noticeable that I don’t act normal but others (my bf)have said it’s not noticeable .

My speech has become poor lately though .
I learnt English when I was four.
I learnt German first n then Swedish but when I speak English to my bf the grammar comes out incorrectly n sounds poor.
It could have to do with schizo n my brain.

I think my spirit is outgoing n social but my person is silent and not outgoing but avoids people.

When I have had psychosis I usually stop talking n go mute , unable to answer questions n feel overwhelmed n etc