Do you think suicide is selfish?

When I was out shopping today some people were talking about how Robin Williams and other people who commit suicide are selfish. I think when a person gets to the point where they have that desire they are very messed up in the head and not thinking rationally. I say that because I’ve been there many times. I don’t call him selfish…I feel bad for him. Do you think these people are being selfish?

No. There is more stigma attached to depression than a physical disability.

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My dad was bipolar and killed himself when I was 19 by shotgun. I’ll never forget the scene, and my anger will never dissipate. I still have nightmares about that room he died in. Yes, selfish is putting it mildly. What he did scarred me and others for life. Even the detective assigned to my dad’s case admitted to me it was a gruesome, overwhelming scene. I’m not going into details of it for y’all’s sake.


Six years ago, I came very close to actually leaving this life. I felt that my life sucked, and it was hard and sad and I was angry at my life and I was convinced it would never get better. I wanted to escape the pain of all this life.

So, I came so very close. Due to bad luck… or the fact that my 12 year old sis just had a feeling… she was the one who found me, called 911, had to do rescue breathing and deal with some of the other things I did to myself in hope of crossing over quickly.

When I woke up in hospital my sis was so traumatized. It’s been a core incident that has sparked her decisions to become a nurse, a lifeguard… pass up opportunities so she could basically look after me.

It’s her worst nightmare… she would and sometimes still does wake up crying. I really hate myself for what I did you her life. But we’re both healing. We are both in therapy. She has been fighting anorexia and I believe it stems from my stupid attempt.

For months after my attempt, she was seriously afraid of letting me out of her sight even long enough to go pee. She would cut school to stay home and watch me. My stupid move hurt and affected her deeply.


People commit suicide when they have suffered to the point where life isn’t worth it anymore.


The last time I was making serious plans for suicide I decided not to do it because I couldn’t bear the thought of what it would do to my wife and parents. But I guess I still have sympathy because of going so long with untreated mental illness myself. Pretty much every day I wish I was dead, but it was a whole different thing when I was actually making plans…like something in me snapped.

It is sort of selfish because I thought only of myself when I tried suicide. I wasn’t thinking how my death could effect my family. I suspect Robin Williams did the same.

We can learn from this by reminding ourselves of our loved ones if we ever think of suicide. My cousin who was about my older brother’s age killed herself. It looked like she had schizophrenia.
I remember climbing up these outdoor metal stairs at the funeral home and crying till I gagged.

I will never put my family through it. This is why I tell them to lie to get me help. Suicide is a silent storm, it rushes over you without warning. It was a split second decision which I narrowly escaped from.

I think only one way is accepted, when you have a killing illness, and you gonna suffer and die anyways, than when you kill yourself, your not going to shock your loved once, because they were already prepaired that you were going to die anyways…
But i believe in Bible and suiside is a sin.

I’ve heard people say suicide is selfish. to me suicide happens when someone can no longer deal with the pain in their life. I read this one book that this guy really got me angry saying how suicide was a sin and was basically unforgivable and put a curse on the victims family. I really hated this book, I was reading it because it was about someone dealing with a haunting and he believed he could cast out demons on his own simply by calling on Christ. I think it’s a bit more difficult than that, but that’s a different topic (I was reading it mainly for research for my story I’m writing).

But throughout the book he constantly referred to suicide as a horrid sin and how the person who lived there before him committed suicide and therefore let the devil into the property. It was such rubbish. And it royally pissed me off. He showed now compassion for the pour victim who had reached the end of their ropes. They couldn’t figure out how to cope any with their problem any more. And to me that is simply what suicide is.

While I feel sorry for the family and loved ones who have to pick up the pieces left behind I also feel sorry for the victim. I think how much pain that person must have been in to do that. I hope whoever has committed suicide in the past (celebrity or average person) finds peace in the life they now live in…unless of course they were a horrid person in life and did awful things to people (consciously…not if the person was truly in a psychosis and not in control of themselves) and they took their own life to avoid sentencing. Then I hope the tables turn and they get what’s coming to them.

@alien99 I’m so sorry that happened to you. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. Please accept my condolences.

@SurprisedJ I’m so sorry you were in that much hopeless pain and that your sister found you at such a young age. I’ve been there and also have attempted suicide. I never had the courage to make a serious attempt so I guess I was making more of an attempt to cry out for help. I was so desperate to not feel the way I was that I guess I was hoping someone would see how bad I felt through my actions, because it sure didn’t feel like anyone was listening. Four years ago when my psychosis became a real issue, I was in a bad way. I felt God commanded me to chose whether I lived or died meaning if I chose to die I had to make a serious action to end my life. If I chose to live I was not allowed to be suicidal anymore. I was so torn I did not know what to do. My mom lost both her brother and best friend to suicide and I did not want her to lose her daughter, but at the same time I was psychotic and in unbearable pain. I told my mom and we decided I needed to go into the hospital. That night while at the ER I attempted to disarm a police officer in an attempt to kill myself. Is suicide selfish? Maybe. But think of it this way. A lot of people who struggle with suicidal feelings put everyone else first for so long that when the pain seems hopeless and each second is unbearable, suicide is the first time they are thinking of themselves. It also takes a lot of courage to do something so drastic so just imagine where that person’s head is at that they would make that type of decision. That’s my take on it and based on my experience, and when I say that a lot of people are like that I’m referring to people I’ve met while in treatment.

Has anyone seen “What Dreams May Come”? It’s interesting that Robin Williams would kill himself after starring in that movie, and seeing what is one school of thought of what happens to someone who commits suicide. :sunny:


i hate talk of suicide :frowning: gives me the creeps :frowning:

no offence but what Robin Williams did was wrong much as i loved the guy he shouldn’t have done that :frowning:

I don’t think they are being selfish on purpose - but i think that suicide has a far larger impact on everyone around the person (for the rest of their lives) than the person thinks at the time.


Suicide is never a capricious act. It is only committed when a person thinks everything is so bad there is no way out. I hope I never attempt suicide again. I will always tell people if asked that suicide is no solution. The only time I think suicide is viable is when someone has an extraordinarily painful, incurable, and degenerative medical condition.

But what bothers me more is how people act like suicide is a cowardly or sinful act. Jerry Seinfeld even has a comedy bit about it. Some people actually try to shame those who have attempted suicide into not trying it again. Every fiber of your being is designed to keep your life going. If you try to commit suicide it means your agony is so bad it bypasses all those mental and physical barriers.

In my opinion, is suicide selfish no. It is simply an act of desperation. But neither is it an option anyone should take.


Having never attempted…Maybe they are judged after they commit suicide as being selfish after the act. And I agree with Sz. But everybody’s selfish to a degree. I think at the time they are making the attempt that they are “blind” so to speak of the pain they will cause their families. Like someone said, when you’re in that state you’re not rational and I think the urge to kill yourself overrides any thougts of anybody else and overrides anything except what is happening AT THE TIME. They MAY be INCAPABLE of thinking or feeling of anything else except for what seems like the ONLY solution.
AT THE TIME. There’s degrees of being selfish.

I don’t think it’s selfish to leave this world when you feel you’ve had enough. Life isn’t as precious as people make it out to be. Modern day living sucks ass. Depression is an epidemic.

I contemplate suicide everyday, and as much as it would destroy my parents, it destroys me more being alive. If you hate living, then kill yourself, don’t go on a shooting spree and take others with you. That’s selfish. Killing yourself isn’t.

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It is something I contemplate.

Suicide is self-destruction than is selfish.

I think of suicide, but I won’t likely do it because in Islam we believe it is a sin that probably takes you to hell and I don’t want to go there. I don’t think that is a fast fact though, because many people that commit suicide are sick and desperate and not accountable for their actions. As for being selfish, I think this is irrelevant because if you are sick, desperately sick, you can’t think straight anyway. But maybe it seems so, because the loved ones you leave behind are affected badly. I don’t think people that commit suicide think of being selfish though.

no i dont i think if someone after much thought really really doesnt want to the live they should be allowed to be euthanised especially people in severe pain we put dogs down when theyre in pain but not humans.