Do you think schizophrenia can be prevented if you avoid something that could trigger you?

Let’s say in theory you know something would be very stressful for you, so you avoid that situation. Do you think schizophrenia can be prevented if you avoid stressful triggers?


No I think it’s genetic 100%

Stressful situations does not matter

You’re probably right, that the onset of schizophrenia is brought about due to a genetic change.

Although, I do believe that stress triggers that change and also can trigger an episode.

I was off of aps for five months and relapsed due to stress triggering an episode.

Am kind of hoping I can avoid stress in the future and can one day be off of medication.

No it can’t be avoided

I don’t know.

I do think that chronic excessive stress may PLAY a role in psychosis.

but I can’t live life avoiding everything.

So need to learn a coping mechanism to face things

I believe that psychosis itself is less likely to occur if you avoid stress. Stress is a trigger for psychosis in people with schizophrenia. I’m not sure that while medicated any amount of stress could cause me to go into psychosis though. Without meds it surely is a trigger though.

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So do you think one very stressful event could trigger schizophrenia and if you had avoided that one trigger it may never have been activated? Or it was bound to happen either way?

I’m on 5mg Olanzapine at the moment, having dropped down from 10mg over the last two months. So keen to avoid any stress triggers, really enjoying the experience of having some dopamine!

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It’s possible that you could have avoided the trigger for psychosis which led to the diagnosis of schizophrenia but you would always have the potential there.

Schizophrenia is a diagnosable disease while psychosis is a symptom. I believe you could avoid being diagnosed with schizophrenia if you avoid all stressors…but how likely is that to happen in life?

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Not everyones Sz is the same either. There are people that have have major symptoms without stress too. Om_Sadasiva comes to mind.

It is not possible probably if something doesn’t change in our circumstances in a bigger level. I think in this way, because of my 17 years of trying almost everything.

I don’t think schizophrenia can be prevented if we avoid triggers; but I do agree psychosis is more likely to happen after a stressful event.

I do know, a large amount of people on these forums have a PRN in case of a psychotic event.
Most would probably admit that the anxiety that comes with the disease is a reason they take that PRN.

If you discover the way to avoid all stress in life please let me know.

it’s impossible to avoid everything that gives you stress i think… at some points you just have to deal with stress.

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I feel the illness will catch up to us at some point. Stress is inevitable. There are a myriad of ways it can trigger.

Although now that I’ve had psychosis and have been at risk for more episodes, I find abstinence from certain topics can help keep me from triggering further symptoms. Some movies, books, games. All can trigger me if I don’t filter those triggers

İ definitely have genetic potential for sz.but i have very traumatic events at my childhood and teenager i can t be %100 sure if those events cause sz or not at me.

In one article I read, it shows that skitzofrenix have a slightly different brain structure. Larger capillaries, that sort of thing. But that alone did not cause schizophrenia. Trauma was the trigger.

How accurate that is for everyone, I question. But you can’t foresee everything in life, regardless

According to my memories and belief I keep reincarnating in a time loop, I always have schizophrenia. Whether it’s aliens, an external force placed upon me, genetics, or trauma, I don’t know. I don’t hallucinate, but have all the other symptoms of it. There’s no known cure or foreseeable cure in the future. I’m a sensitive guy and I believe I got trauma real or partly imagined. I realized there’s no point in getting help or talking about it because it just makes matters worse in my case and in general for people.

I think schizophrenia can be triggered through trauma (severe in many cases) as well with drugs like LSD and marijuana. I have theories that marijuana releases toxins or does something to the brain especially skunk weed or the super strong stuff with lots of THC. That’s what happened to me. I smoked skunk weed and a lot of it in a hostile environment alone in my room being stupid, naive, and stuff in college.

I really don’t know or care what happened to me anymore, but I experienced heightened awareness and felt like a zombie. I also tried salvia and some unknown substance I smoked which was probably a bad batch, tainted, or some synthetic crap I never figured out or remembered what it was.

The OCD like thoughts keep telling me I was traumatized like in Monarch or the Mars Defense Force from aliens lol. I don’t know or care. I really don’t remember anymore. It doesn’t matter lol.

No, I had psychotic episodes overcome me while I was totally relaxed.