Do you think piercings are unprofessional in the workplace?

I wear a nose stud. I put it back in after I realised the workplace was quite relaxed on those things but some people I guess might look down on it.

A small nose stud is no big deal - it all depends on which type of piercing.

Tattoos and piercings have become the norm in lots of places - its really no big deal.

We are living in a Modern World.

This is way too much!

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Kind of the game we all have to go through to get a job. Like being a smoker and refusing a cigarette at the interview. Depends on the job though and I’ve always played that by ear especially if the interview becomes very informal. In that particular job I was manager within a week, but I was very much playing with fire. :smoking:

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Depends on the job and how extreme the piercing is, I suppose. I have a septum piercing, but I flip it up inside my nose when I want to be professional.

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I sometimes deal with older customers who are made uncomfortable by piercings and visible tats. I occasionally contract out to second shooters to cover events. If it was an event that catered to people who might be made uncomfortable, I’d pass over the person with piercings/tats if I had access to another shooter as good who presented ‘clean’. For me it’s a business decision.

I know a lot of business owners who feel the same way. There is still a lot of revulsion in the public about excessive piercings and tats and people who get them should be aware they may be limiting their employment options.


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