Do you think it is weird if you became psychotic because you were reading conspiracy theories, dystopian fiction, and the Endtimes Prophecy (Book of Revelation)?

Is that very strange or understandable?

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I think it would be more likely to be the other way around. You were focused on those things because you were psychotic.


No it brought psychosis about. I had a normal interest in these things before I became ill…

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I agree with @freakonaleash. Although there are some norms that eat that stuff up. Don’t think they will experience phycocis because of it though.

I was being threatened and herassed when I got sick. Always blamed it on that. Looking back and having experienced more episodes. It bothered me because I was becoming psychotic it really didn’t cause it. But sure multiplied the missory .

ok. I think I just took it to heart you know?


Think when we’re looking through our sz glasses all that stuff seems to have a lot more power over us, than it Would a norm. So do you avoid those things now, does it help with your recovery to stay away from those things?

I think it could be almost anything. There are common themes though.

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This happens to me to an extent. I do get paranoid, and when I watch conspiracy theories I tend to eat them up and believe them. Especially with the end of the world thing, I have obsessed over that before, thinking something was going to happen and trying to warn people. It did make me go a bit psychotic. Maybe this stuff is a trigger for you? I have to avoid things about Planet X (niburu) and police brutality videos because it sets me off.

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I agree with @freakonaleash too. I was drawn to all that stuff when I was very ill and now I never visit those type of websites.

My pdoc sais no religious institutions…no native amercan meditation…no new age gatherings…

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