Help And advice please

Hi their folks, looking for some advice/help. I have been suffering from a few symptoms of schizophrenia for about 8 years now. Mood swings, feeling worthless,anxiety, withdrawn. Some days I feel fine but then the most little of things can make me feel crap again. I have never heard voices or seen anything that isn’t their but like I say I seem to have a lot of the symptoms. I’m 29 now and feeling this for about 9 years. Do you’s think I’m schizophrenic or would I have started seeing stuff or had a episode by now?

I also think a lot, sometimes really hard to switch off, I can think a good situation into a bad situation! And also sleep ain’t the best, it’s like I’m having a nightmare sometimes but sleep through it then can’t remember it when I wake up.

It sounds like you have several symptoms that are causing you distress. You should talk to your doctor, and see if you can get a referral to talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

What you’ve described isn’t necessarily schizophrenia. In the absence of some other symptoms, it may in fact be more likely to be something like major depression. However, a doctor is the one to make that determination, not a stranger on the internet, so talk to one about getting help for these issues.

Good luck to you!


No one here is qualified to diagnose you, but we can share our experience with having schizophrenia and our knowledge on the subject. You may have schizophrenia, you may not. People with schizophrenia certainly suffer with the problems you listed, but on the other hand your problems can be explained in other ways and it could be some other condition that is not schizophrenia.

I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 35 years ago, I’m 54 years old now. I have never had any hallucinations, neither visual nor auditory. But the thing that got me my diagnosis is having delusions.

Your best bet, if you have not already done so, is to see a psychiatrist. He is a trained professional with years of schooling and probably years of experience with diagnosing and treating people with all kinds of mental illnesses. A psychiatrist will talk to you, and observe you, and ask you questions about what’s going on with you and he will ask about your history. After doing these things over a period of time which could last a few months, then he will tell you what he thinks is wrong with you.

The reason for getting diagnosed is for doctors to know what they are dealing with and once they know that, then they will know how to give you proper treatment. It’s hard to know what is causing your problems, but like I said, your problems do not automatically mean you have schizophrenia.


Thanks for your response folks, it’s appreciated. Will get my self to the doctors soon, thanks again


For a diagnosis of schizophrenia you’d need to have positive and negative symptoms. You are describing some negative symptoms but without positive ones (hallucinations/delusions) you are very unlikely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Still I do recommend seeing a therapist or Doctor who can help you. I am sorry that you’re struggling. Good luck. :sunny:

maybe you should speak to a doctor or something, they know best about these things, sounds like very mild symptoms, might not necessarily be schizophrenia though.

No delusions no schizophrenia. You need to be delusional for at least 6 months to get a diagnose.

Maybe you should read up on bipolar disorder, was thinking about your mood swings. Maybe you recognize more familiar symptoms?