Am i a schizophrenic?

I am now in my teens, I think i have schizophrenia i don’t want to go out of my area and ask anyone so i came here to ask.

Since i turned 13, my life had changed and i started noticing a difference but thought it was normal for example i started hearing voices, they always said stuff like “Do this, or the devil takes your soul” “someones coming to kill you” “close all the doors and stop the incoming demons” and stuff like that, but i just thought it was normal.

Also when i’m running it tells me to keep going, it tell me someones behind you, turn around and see your demise, and when i’m typing this message i have a feeling someones going to view this and send someone to my house like a bunch of agents that will take me and cause harm to me or my family.

The voices are telling me to not type this as there will be consequences of some sort but i’m forcefully typing this, please can someone tell me if this is normal or if i am developing schizophrenia?

I would say “yes”. Sounds like paranoid schizophrenia. You’d have to confer with an actual doctor or therapist in order to accomplish anything with your diagnosis in the real world, though.

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