Going for my first mental checkup!

Only what the doctor(s) ask for. I made the mistake of being too talkative about my disorder. A lot of my illness is better kept private. The doctor(s) only really need to understand that I am experiencing symptoms & the casual scientific events of my disorder - not the specifics, such as conversations I’ve had with the characters/voices or what they look like, what I believe, etc.

I don’t think there are such things as “false” beliefs. Beliefs are really just convinctions of unknown things in the super or supra natural world. Everyone has beliefs. It’s the ones about the “real world”, such as that you are being monitored by the CIA, stalked, hunted, etc. are the ones you need to examine and get rid of.

Essentially, there are “false” beliefs about the real world, but don’t let anyone take away your belief system of a potential world beyond this one - such as a spiritual belief system.

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I believe that my friend hacks into my brain and accesses my thoughts and emotion, so sometimes i have to change the way i act so that he wont know troubles/problems happening in my private life, should i mention that?

Mention everything, don’t hold back.


Write a list of things you want to share that you are suffering from. That’s what I did. I wrote down the specific things that were traumatizing me and made sure to read it aloud at my visit with the doctor. It keeps things professional. If you’re just going to do everything unscripted, I still recommend writing a script about yourself & your symptoms.

I have, on this website too, lol

@ Do you think I have Schizophrenia or am i an idiot?

Try to be honest. You’re very young, and this is the best time to catch whatever’s going on and keep it from becoming a major, life-altering problem. Your doctors can only help you as much as you let them. At this point, I wouldn’t worry at all about oversharing.

They’re going to try to figure out what’s causing the issues you’re having. It could be something purely physical - a tumor or growth, for example. It could be a reaction to something external, like medication or drugs. It could be something chemical in your brain that can be easily addressed with proper medication. It could be a response to events in your life or beliefs you hold, and talk therapy or cognitive training might help. The more honest you are, the better chance they have of identifying causes and helping you appropriately.

This is a big opportunity for you, so try to take advantage of it.


Make notes about your symptoms so you won’t forget them under pressure.
Hopefully the doctor is nice so there isn’t much to expect, he/she will probably ask some questions.

Keep us posted.


I will try my best to remember all of my symptoms and okay, ill keep you all posted on what happens. Wish me luck :sweat_smile:


Good luck!!!


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I had an appointment with my doctor, he told me it is not depression and it is something psychotic and that needs to be taken care of, so he gave me an appointment with a specialist (psychiatrist) for a more closer checkup and neither me or my mum know, he said it will be quick as i’m a young child.

Good, it wasn’t that scary right? Be sure you tell the psychiatrist everything you feel.

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Wasn’t that scary, i hardly said a word, my mum did most of the talking :smirk:

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Ahah cool. Perks of being young.

When is the psychiatrists appointment?

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All he said about it was “it will be soon as he’s below the age of 18” so it could be tomorrow… or next week :confused:

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Cool. Is great that your doctor is concerned.

Good luck Deimius!

Use lots of lube…jk :wink:

Just be careful about saying anything about violent thoughts, or they can force you inpatient against your will. Otherwise, you need to be honest with them, else they will not be able to help you and get you on the right meds.

I think you’re making the right decision going to a pdoc so young. I wish I would have had the foresight to do the same at your age!


Thanks for the information and all.

LOL, I was just kidding! The idea for lube came from the notion of losing your “mental health virginity”. Pdocs can be quite rough with you sometimes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: