Do you think cops are educated on how to treat the mentally ill?


Just wondered what people thought?



i think a lot of cops aren’t. I’ve never dealt with any myself but i think some of them have the same prejudices as a lot of the public.



Here it’s a toss up. The few cops that are cool are really good and the few that aren’t are horrid and then people get shot. I really wish there was better training for the police force. But SPD has been having massive problems lately with over zealous officers. The chief is in the news almost every week now trying to defend yet another mishap with our police force.



The police are trained to deal with the mental ill. They came to my house and made sure I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else when I was escorted to the ambulance.



That’s nice that they did that and were respectful. :slight_smile:



Police have a hard job no doubt about it. And i think you are right there are some that are really good and some that aren’t. I



Hell no they aren’t.

But it isn’t hard, ask him to go to the hospital, if he puts up a fight make him go without hurting him, if he tries to kill you then disable him in the best way possible(including death if nessecary).

Thats all the training they need.

These two cops on youtube though, they didn’t do that, they just opened fire on one guy and they didn’t have a reason to. Another guy was just standing there, cops told him to zip up his jacket, he complied for some reason and then they just beat the ■■■■ out of him, thats awful training.

But if a guy is in a psychosis what they have to understand he is basically like a werewolf, he’s gone mad and is not himself anymore, 5150 as soon as possible, if he gets to violent you’ll just have to knock him out or put him down.

The most recent incident was the death of a schizophrenic in california, several beat him and tazed him to death, he was not fighting whatsoever, thats bad training.



One time I was kind of resisting going to the hospital and a cop nearly tore my arm off – it hurt SOOO bad. He definitely could have talked to me a little more instead. I wasn’t being violent or anything.



No, maybe very few but the majority no. Not educated enough on mental health. Just about incarcerating mental patients. Allow me to tell you my experience. I was arrested because I was sick having delusions. Although I do remember clearly the exact words as I was arrested. The cop said, ’ I will cap your ass’. He threatened to end my life basically.



I found police officers more helpful than mental health professionals. They sit there sticking their noses down at you for one hour. The Police are “come with me , I am taking you to a crisis nurse at the hospital”. :smiley:



Well, when I crashed my car against my volition the cops put me in handcuffs. And when we were on my way back and I started freaking out for no reason he calmly put the car on the shoulder of the highway and put me in the backseat.

I think it’s safe to say there is protocol to dealing with the mi.



Those cops that have sympathy towards others pain and worry, they tried to be harmless, but there are so many cops that since the badge is protecting them-self abuse the power without any regrets.



I was handled very well by the police this one night I got aggressive and super drunk. I wasnt diagnosed yet but my parents called it in and they knew i was psychotic. There were like 7 or 8 cops who entered my kitchen and surrounded me, and then they just said that they were gonna take me to a place to spend the night. or something like that. They didnt taze me. but when I saw the first one walk in the door i was like â– â– â– â–  and i quit being aggressive



having a high IQ is not a requisite for being a policeman, but holding a gun is, and firing it at the mentally ill , that is a pass, well done chaps !
in Australia they actually do not want people who are too intelligent as they will get bored with the job, won’t follow orders, and question authority, that is actually a fact !
take care



I do believe there is very little middle ground when it comes to cops and the treatment they give to the mentally ill.
You have a select few educated cops, treating us like humans. Then you have many cops who display hostility towards the mentally ill, maybe more so than the general public. When I was escorted to the hospital by a bunch of cops, some treated me with some respect. Others threatened to beat the daylights out of me. Thankfully I made it to the hospital in one piece.



When cops think mentally ill they don’t think of medically compliant individuals like me or you. They think insane man with a gun going to run into a elementary school and shoot children and teachers.



You raise a very good point. I do feel that treatment from the police does have a bit of a climate. When something like this happens AGAIN, the police everywhere are a little more on edge then when it hasn’t been in the news for a while.



I think some are however they all need to be. Every situation is different so walking into an unknown situation can’t be easy but the proper training can help to educate as to what signs to look for. I think it is getting better. My son has been escorted on several occasions and so far he has no negative opinions of police officers. They have always treated him with kindness as far as I know. Although they knew ahead of time what they were being called for.



I think you hit the nail on head with right there. When the cops have been called on me at home, they were fine. It was OK. I was scared, but I wasn’t scared of being shot. When I got chased down in the streets during my very first break and when I lived in the park, things did not go so well.

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That’s just it… One of my character traits or flaws, depending on who I’m talking to, is that I try to see a situation from all points of view. I don’t condone the actions of some police officers as they are wrong and there is no denying that. I just try not to judge all of them by the mistakes of a few. It’s a bit of a touchy discussion in my home as my husband has negative feelings towards police officers as he has been arrested on several occasions. I don’t want his negative view rubbing off on my son as on several occasions they have been called upon and there actions were commendable. Every day they are walking into the unknown and possibly putting their lives on the line. They don’t know if the situation they are walking into is one that needs to be dealt with differently. Education is key in my opinion. I think all service workers like police and medical should be taught LEAP. Not sure what my point is :smile: