Police in Murica

The police are not trained to handle mentally ill people. Hell, they are really not trained that much at all. Thus, they kill mentally ill people regularly. How are the police trained in your country?

Dogs can only be trained to be as well as their masters.

I hate that I have anti-police tendencies. You just hear so much about the bad and not enough about the good. Despite that, it is still not irrational to be skeptical of the police here.

It’s certainly not irrational. People will give in to all sorts of insane behavior when they’re in groups and refuse to think for themselves.

Where are you located?

I am in Michigan now. Was previously located in Arizona. The place known for having the toughest laws and some of the worst mental health care. What about you?

I can’t really same I am anti-police now. Recently I had an encounter with a good cop.

I’m in Texas. Never witnessed any injustices from cops personally though.

When cops are alone and they’re not feeling drunk on their power as a cop they tend to show some humanity.

As for me, I’m more against people’s lack of refusing to use Reason than anything else.

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