Do you think about this?

Why the hell dysteny has chosen us for schizophrenia. Why this injustice?


there is no destiny nor hell.

Noone is responsible for the ■■■■ we turn into…we ourselves…we should not blame anyone .

it is incumbent upon ourselves to change it…accepting the disease is no solution at all. thanks a lot.

@zenmonk. I am an atheist .but I always wonder about this. I was very healthy before this.a non smoker and teatoltler .used to hit gym.suddenly this ■■■■■■■■ came and everything is over .WHY

@zenmonk .how can you say we are responsible for this? Its in the dam genes .we cannot choose where we are born

Genetic is a load of crap

how is religion and going to gym related to the illness?

The only sound thing that I have ever come across as the “Cause” of Schizophrenia is misplayed identify of the Self …Either the False Self being completely dominant and destroying the True Self or something like that.

If I knew what causes SZ dont you think I would have been going around helping other poor unfortunate humans?

I encourage you to study and research more on Pyschology

Nobody and I mean NOBODY in my family has ANY psychiatric problems…and this goes back to atleast 5-6 generations…OK…But ive got Delusions and now its reduced to Delusions of reference (thankfully).

How do you explain THAT?..From where did I hit Delusions when obviously I was carrying none genes?

you say you are an Atheist right?..Famous Atheists Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s son/children have Szhizophrenia. How do you explain that?. Genetic is a load of ■■■■ peddled by folks (if i suggest ill be banned)…

I have family history if schizophrenia :angry:

FINE, Believe what u wish.

@zenmonk, for a Buddhist, you sure are one argumentative guy. I also have to admit that your posts make me very leery of anything you write on any subject.


yeah, im out of here.

Zenmonk, I feel bad that you cannot accept its genetic underpinnings but it’s true. I can explain exactly why and how: the brain is a complicated organ, and the DNA and genes affect how we develop over time. I can say exactly why I developed schizophrenia, and there is research behind this. I have charcot marie tooth disease, a chronic rare muscular nerve disease that affects the myelination in the body–and is now known to affect the myelination in the brain also as not thought to have before. It affects the Myeline coating the nerves in the brain, which are protective of us and if we are exposed by this deterioration of myeline we are more exposed to stress, toxicity, and lowered seizure threshold.

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Thanks for the update @StarryNight I do like you a lot, the ncbi link was a Hypothesis (meaning a guesswork).

Besides, i want to be out of here @StarryNight this is my last post, im just tired…bye

Head injury. The right combination of recessive genes taking generations to come together and you were the one who won the jackpot. Environmental factors. Stress.

Or maybe shiz happens.

I woke up one morning with the metal equivalent of a broken leg. You can put all of your energy into discovering what happened to your leg or you can just get on with healing up and starting walking again.

My 2 cents.



It has nothing to do with destiny. It’s a medical condition that cuts across all cultures, races, and social and economic status all over the world. Anyone can get it. Now I can get on board if you call it unlucky, but I think destiny and injustice have nothing to with it. Life is inherently unfair to eveyrbody at some point in their lives.


The most brilliant post ive ever read. Which is why I keep coming back to be here.

The insights I get about life from here carry me on stead for rest of my life.

The brilliant thing is "Life is inherently unfair to Everyone’

I will go onto add further:

“Life is inherently unfair to Everyone AT ALL POINTS of their lives”.

It is only how to deal with it which is important…whether you make use of that in helping others unselfishly or you go onto make use of others…It all depends on us.

might be we used to be sinner in our past life… :weary:

That is ANOTHER form of Destiny.

Lol, the jungle of EGO never allows anyone to take responsibility…LOVE YOU OSHO

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No we’re just the citizens of Halloween town. I’m Jack, the pumpkin king.

I’m the scariest one. Not really an honor. More like another stigma.

“They’re all sick and dangerous”

“No they’re not dangerous they’re mostly out of shape and timid”

“This one isn’t! This one is super ■■■■■■■ dangerous! Look at this ■■■■!”


“Hey researchers, I became crazy against my will and was dangerous before I became crazy”

It really is ironic to be doing research on how we aren’t actually dangerous when I actually am potentially dangerous. I’m buff and I do cardio and I am trained and experienced in hand to hand combat. It was my thing before I was became ill. I wanted to be a Navy SEAL not a schizophrenic.

I was a straight edge military kid. Everyone thought I was going to become an officer. This illness happens to ALL sorts of people.

I euphemize myself to a kids movie character. It’s how I cope. Oh I grew up to be scary, that’s a drag. Oh wait I can be cool with this, I’m like a Tim Burton movie character.

Not that many emo kids grow up to be for real emo adults. (I write this as I am wearing the usual all black, cargo pants and combat boots, being much more muscular than average).