Do you think about this?

I don’t look at it as destiny. I also have Sz in the family…

Trying to figure out “why me” didn’t help at all. Just letting go and getting on with getting better helped.

I used to feel the same but I realised after 5 years it’s not a death sentence. If you take the meds you can keep it under control.

In looking into the causes of SZ, what the research has found is that genetics is responsible for 80% and environment 20%. The illness is fate appointed. As some of us have observed here, we are not responsible for the illness. We are responsible for getting better. I find SZ is a personality grabber. It takes up ALL my time just observing its manifestations and coping with the symptoms.

I don’t look at as destiny, not really. There is history of at least Dementia/Alztimers in both sides of my family and probably some diagnosed Schizophrenia (hard working farm folk deep in the country, on both parents sides and rarely went to doctors…) So it may be slightly genetic though there is argument against that in this thread.

Think about what made you? DNA, Genes. Several Gene pools went into making you…you have your mom’s mom, your mom’s dad. your dad, his dad, his mom…and you can break down your family line as far down as you want but they are all apart of your genetic make up and for the most of us I think it’s hereditary. I’m not going to say it’s everyone but in my family it can be seen on both sides in my previous family generations.

The other thing that caused mine was I was born two months premature in a small town hospital, shipped via helicopter to the bigger hospital a few towns over, but not that advanced of a hospital. My parents were told I wouldn’t make it outside the hospital…they had the priest come and baptize me early, and gave me my last rights…

But miraculously I pulled through and released…and am still kicking today. And I think because of being 2 months premature my brain/body didn’t fully develop all the chemicals it needed to grow healthily. So when I hit puberty I cracked and developed Schizophrenia which eventually turned to Schizo-effective Disorder when my psychosis started fading and major depression hit with hints of psychosis here and there. It’s not Bipolar because I don’t have extremely happy high moments, most of mine are depressed or blank of emotions all together.

Schizophrenia doesn’t run in my family. I am the only one with the illness. It’s not fate, it’s just a sad thing I have to get a grip on and keep moving on.