Do you talk to yourself?>

study says it could be a sign of higher intelligence.

I think a lot, but never talk out loud to myself


sometimes I talk into mirrors, cuz I’m shocked to see myself.

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I speak to myself all day.long. i dont want my roommate to understand what im saying so i speak in English. But i live in Estonia. I have started to think in English.

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My mirrors are broken, there is some old guy living in them

nah, I don’t believe that.

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I stopped talking to myself when a voice in my head started talking back (onset of sz hallucinations).

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Sometimes I swear at myself loudly…

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swearing is a sign of intelligence too.

no kidding.

It sounds good, but I have OCD which is sign of rather normal IQ as far as I know.

not IQ, just emotional intelligence. you’re alright.

Well, at least my OCD is rather not associated with higher intelligence, which is a pity anyways -_-

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Not very often. Usually not to the hallucinations, but because I’m overwrought and have no one to talk to.

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Lots of us do that.

Not that abnormal to talk to oneself. At some point in his/her life, bascially everyone can say they have had a conservation with him/herself. It increases the amount of information the brain can hold (working memory, brain scratch pad, are some terms for this). It only becomes a problem when it’s intrusive in your life, as in prevents or distracts you from being able to complete tasks that you would otherwise do without issue. Overdoing it can be a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety state or other psychological condtion.

It may be helpful to develop a few close friend that you could talk to.

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I talk to myself all the time. Sometimes my kids look at me funny. I’m quite interested in what I have to say since I am never sure what is going to be the topic of conversation

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Ever since my voices stopped I stopped talking to myself at length. I still talk a little bit to myself though.

I speak to myself in the sense I’m always taking to the internal voice in my head… Use to talk to myself but then the voice said I was acting like Sméagol from lord of the rings…

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