Do you struggle with paranoia?

Even while medicated?

  • Yes
  • No

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If anyone has any advice on how to cope, I’d love to hear it.


I’m less paranoid now.


I don’t know what advice I have to offer. Med’s knocked all my delusions and paranoia out of me…

If you are paranoid on Ap’s maybe they are not fully doing their job and it could be time for a med adjustment? IDK.


Even on meds stress makes a big difference to me. I get stressed I invariably get paranoid. Never fails.


I’m less paranoid on meds.

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As someone who was arrested while homeless multiple times and thrown into solitary confinement for half a year, followed by a month in a hospital for the criminally insane, I am incredibly not-paranoid… at least nowadays.

I credit the Zyprexa.


On meds not too bad, off med it is really bad

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I hardly experience paranoia at all which is odd considering the nature of my unusual beliefs. I suspect this may have to do with how I’ve learnt to cope with OCD related anxiety and fears: by embracing the very worst outcome possible. “Do your worst” is my war cry in these situations. Of course they never do their worst and over time you’ll find it easier to ward these paranoid fears off.

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Yes i get paranoid all the time!

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Yeah I get pretty paranoid at times. Today I was considering placing my knife and baseball bat next to my front door of my cabin inside. For protection against whatever assailant may present themselves.
I know rationally that I most likely won’t need to defend myself to that extent against any kind of person any time soon. But I still worry.
And also a guy has been screaming aggressively at the top of his pitch so loudly the last couple of days in the caravan park I live in the last couple of days which makes me even more paranoid.


Im always moaning at the nurses about anxiety and paranoia, and its almost as if they are laughing at me and hurry me off the phone. Im sure i got a case of GAD.

No bugger in there wants to take me seriously - its have your jab once a month and get on with it.

If i didnt have this site to vent on now and again - i would be worse.

I was fine mind you, when i had my care co ordinator - but she left and no doubt i will be waiting at least a year for another one. I could text her and get support in 20 minutes.

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I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, so it’s supposed to be part of the deal.

But (probably thanks to abilify 15mg) It gradually went away. But by gradually I mean over a few years.

It’s a really horrible feeling.

The only tip I can really give is cut down on things that might make you anxious like coffee.

You could also cut down on your anxiety by taking L-theanine

I’m really sorry you’re suffering with this, I know what it’s like.

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It’s been bad lately.

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I’m always a little “suspicious” of others even on meds.
But off meds I enter an alternative Universe where everyone is out to get me.
I become extremely delusional and paranoid off meds.

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It took 8 months for me to get a new doctor, and the duty ones increased my med count from 2 to 8 in that time


You were right about my email I posted to the partnership.

They have done the square root of ■■■■ all to address my concerns, so I have asked them to work out a plan for discharge, and if they fail to do so, I will get PALs to do it!


Medication helped immensely with the paranoia.

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Im sorry i was right mate. Im thinking of getting rid of the cmht like you have done in all honesty - and possibly have the depot jab done by the gp instead or go onto a higher dose of pills.

The only think that was worrying me was my pip claim and the evidence, but now ive got it for 6 years - i think its time i said goodbye to them. They seem to cause me anxiety rather than helping it now.

Good idea with PALS. They seemed to defend them last time i complained, but as yours is way more serious i hope you will get a better result.

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I also worry about PIP, but I think seeing as we’ve both had it, keeping it should be easier.

The fact is I gave them 4 weeks, and nothing has been done

No one replied…

My care coordinator is useless and a waste of space.


Mine wasnt too bad actually - but as usual they never hang around for more than a few months.

I think your right about the PIP - it is a lifelong condition after all, so DWP shouldnt expect us to keep sending in evidence.

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Hello All,

To the points below…

  • Refusal of psychology? Nothing done to challenge this

  • F2F appointment with Dr. ******? Not happening before end of June

  • ‘Haven Service’? Nothing talked about in regards to this as a support

  • Employment support with *****? Has ended with no plan for support during a testing time in this regard!?!?!?!

  • Lists of supports? Promised by a Doctor / - not materialised

  • Medication monitoring? Just started Fluoxetine, assuming that will be it?

We’re not doing that great here are we… Considering the four weeks is nearly up. Even the ‘quick wins’ have not been addressed, or my email fully responded to by anyone.

I want a comprehensive exit strategy for discharge if we get to Wednesday and the above is not resolved…

If again, it’s left and I get no response, I will go through PALs and get them to sort it out


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