Do you still have dreams/ambitions?

I still have a dream of setting up my own business. I probably have a better chance of going to the moon.

The dream of getting married has quietly gone away, and I’ve even lost interest in having a relationship.


You know what’s weird? I didn’t have dreams of any future prior to my diagnosis. Now I want to finish my studies and live a more fulfilled life. I want to travel and work on my recovery from psychosis. I feel that I have a lot more to live for since I don’t have anymore hallucinations or delusions


I do but I’ve had to adjust them so they are more realistic. I want to be able to work a day or two every week somewhere I feel like I can make a difference. And I want to find a kind person to spend my life with who is OK with my flaws and likes me for who I am.


Yes I have a Dream - I need to be out of this legal case where I am being crucified for no fault of mine. Once that is fulfilled I can live about living alone somewhere where noone can find me.

that sounds pretty reasonable… what interests you?

For me… I’m just working on little things… I want to get through enough school so I can transfer to the green houses… and I’ll most likely be chipping away at school for a while.

I still want to live in a small simple place with a good sized yard near the water.


No…Only dream is to get married maybe travel a little bit. Although 5 years from now if my brain keeps healing maybe I can resume studies and become a zoologist or anthropologist.

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Just grandiose fantasies. I plan on being a bum.

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‘some’ Web based work from home business. Like @astefano said, it’s just grandiose fantasies at this point.

I’m sorry to hear that…

I don’t know if starting small and doing a few things here and there would work. I don’t know the industry…

But don’t give up hope… The stronger you get… who knows what will come your way.


I never lose sight of my dream. It is to become a psychologist. When things are at their worst, I only want it more. The harder I get hit by life, the harder I hit it back with doing well.

That’s just how I am. I’ll be applying to six Ph.D. Programs and one Psy. D. Program once my thesis clears a committee.

I come from the military brat background. I was doing all I could to be an officer in SEALs as a teen, with great success. People really believed in me. I was primarily a Krav Maga fighter and athlete with strong academics as well. I ended up havin my psychotic break my senior year of high school but graduated and earned a free college education regardless.

At first I was majoring in neuroscience to prove that I wasn’t crazy. I quickly learned that I was actually very crazy and then switched to psychology.

I still exercise quite intensively. My life had a paradigm shift from warrior to scholar and I have had problems with that shift.

Every night full of nightmares, every bad day, every rough night being agitated makes me want to see my dream come true.

Dream or a memory? Even your greatest dreams will one day be only memories. I’ve seen plenty of my dreams come true and become memories afterwards. Something to keep in mind. Classic philosophers are often depicted in paintings holding a skull- this is because they understood their own mortality and how everyone is destined to die. I never forget that I have one life and to use it for good.

Epicurus was correct- he said that death is not to be feared, for a number of reasons, including that fact that we do not suffer if we are dead, we feel no pain if we are dead. Death is maybe a relief from pain according to Epicurus. It’s not about fear of death, it’s about fear of not seeing my dream come true before death.


No ambitions here. But there’s a lot of dreams :thought_balloon:

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My ambition is to die happily. I don’t want to feel any threat or worry while slipping out of this body & into the universe.

As for dreams, every night I have one, and wish I could stay locked into a dream world 24/7.

I actually have better ambitions now.

I was so depressed that the only thing that seemed worth it in my life as being a just and honorable being and being wildly successful in anything I did like business and having a solid reputation. I wanted to be known as someone who stood by there word and practiced that as well.

The same ambitions are still there even though I now realize I will never be a CEO of anything. The thing is that would never lead me to happiness which was something (in my depressed state) that I thought other people lied about just to make up for not being successful. Now I want to be a successful writer (unfortunately because that might be the only route open to me) and happy. I want a healthy relationship with those around me, mainly the people I love and be able to tell the people who hurt me to take a walk.

I dream of an every day happiness. Like arguing with C that I don’t like sourdough bread, trying it, and then realizing I do like it then compulsively making a whole ton of it and sharing it with everyone. Following harmless compulsions makes me happy sometimes. I want to make other people happy and find my happiness in it.

I still make efforts in sharing my tunes… I don’t gig anymore. I’ve made my recordings pretty close to pro quality by my own practice and modest budget over the years…

I would like to find love