Delusion Check #2

Sometimes it feels as though the rest of the world can feel my emotions as I feel them. What have you been feeling for these past ten minutes or so? I know that this is ridiculous and probably a delusion, so please assuage me.

How do you guys cope with delusions that seem so real?

Fun fact: my phone went haywire, as if being remote-controlled, and started deleting my post the original way that I typed it. Weird, isn’t it?

Also typed a few words. Was that a ■■■■■■■ delusion, too?

How nonsense is that? That other people could somehow experience the chemical reactions going on in my own body? ■■■■■■■ ridiculous. No one deserves to live like this.

Try a different hospital, when I went to the ER I told them I needed meds and needed to be put in a behavioral health unit, where you see a psychiatrist daily to udjust to your meds.

Tell them you need some zyprexa pronto.

That should bring you down to earth quick, then you can find something else.

I’ve been a LOT better lately, it’d just these same persistent delusions that I’ve been battling with for the past several years.

Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly surround by a “speech jammer” of sorts that makes it difficult for other people to comprehend or contextualize what I’m expressing when I communicate.

Is this a general recommendation or an explicit advisement for me, personally?

In general. Whenever I went to the hospital they would put me on zyprexa.

I agree that I need meds, and an EEG. And a professional psychologist.

My delusion is SO real! I talk to my fake audience every day. Today I was telling them that even though I know they are real, I wish my delusion would go away because it is so distracting. I believe I am in a brain study that I set up myself and that I had my colleagues (whom I have given control of my brain) tell me (in my head) that I am part of a brain study without actually letting me remember the ‘real’ brain study so that I could experience being mentally ill (delusional) as part of… the brain study. It is so involved and detailed. Basically I set myself up to be mentally ill so it could be studied. It is SO GD real! I wish the sh*t would just go away but it hangs on like a bitch. I know what you mean about the REAL delusions. I talk to my fake audience (when no one is around) for Christ’s sake. I don’t have the idea that people can hear my thoughts or feel my feelings though. I assure you that I Can NOT hear your thoughts or feel your feelings.

They, too, put me on Zyprexa Zydis 5mg, to be exact.

Take some Haldol. Or Thorazine. Right in the arm, or in the ass depending on how you like it. Works real quick.

Would if I had access to it.