Do you stay up at night? on computer or etc? is this normal for schizophrenics even when well?

I have only been doing this since the internet
got up at 2 am and been binge watching a french thriller
jesus - this stuff is really bad for you!
it cuts your life if you don’t sleep
i think i always need to damage myself in some way

only happened since the internet or when psychotic

i remember this from about 2004 or 2006

I try to be regular with sleep. I like getting up early so I’m up before sunrise. I go to sleep real early but that is just how I like it. We are all different and what works for you probably doesn’t for me but keeping it regular with some sort of structure is good for sz.

I can blow hours away playing games but I have even been structuring that. No games till later in the day so I get more done! If you take the meds same time everyday and sleep etc that same…it really seems to help!

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i do know i started this before living with my husband

he works pretty extreme shifts
and that is life shortening
he will be going over to 7 -7 and 7 - 7 in march 12 hr shifts and nights

does not help a bit

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