Do you share your symptoms with others

Idk I just tend not to tell my family about any of my inner symptoms,
Usual just inform them about my mood at times etc.

Like when I don’t talk about this ■■■■ they don’t see me as ill, haven’t really told them of inner strats in 2-3years.

Idk just when I told them in past they just kinda kept the delusional thinking in there pocket, turned into doctors and made statements time to time about it against me.

Never really told a doctor of any thought disorder stuff either -besides initial psychotic break, maybe just talked about mood

Should I talk about inner complications I have, has anyone really found therapy in doing this. Idk just a thought that ran through my head, I don’t think it’s a good thing I don’t talk about it but recognized it, only place I really talk about it is here.

I don’t share my inner symptoms with much of anyone, either. I only mention voices to my pdoc. My therapist seemed to steer away from voice talk so I dropped it. It made my husband uncomfortable. I just tell him my mood and let him know if I feel shaky.

I have only once spoken about wanting to hurt others.

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I do talk rather openly. To a nurse, a child psychologist, my parents and at times this forum. Unfortunaly mental health in my country exists of not much more than handing out meds, so i didnt receive much therapy. But i feel it helps anyway to talk, even if it is just to vent and to keep myself and - especially - my son safe, because people interfere when im spiralling down.

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I talk to nobody about my symptoms. I see a psychiatrist every 3 months for 10 minutes if that counts.

Outside of my pdoc and my therapist i don’t talk about this stuff much. I have told my parents some stuff in the past but i don’t think they can understand my experience. I spend a lot of time here because i feel most people here can relate.

I generally do the same with my family, I’ll tell them like “I’m not doing so hot right now” but I don’t go into symptom details because I feel it would be too upsetting for them. I used to go into more detail with my friends until I realized it was just stressful for them because they didn’t know what to do with the info so now I do the same with them if they ask how I’m doing I’ll be honest and say not well if I’m not doing well but I don’t go into gruesome detail-i save that for my therapist.

When I feel bad I don’t want to talk to anyone about what is going on. I have learned over time to talk to my doctor and my spouse. I get more help when I do.

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