Do you share details about your illness to your employer?

I haven’t worked in awhile, and i’m looking to find a job again. But if my future employer asks why I haven’t worked in awhile, what do I say? Something along the lines of “I have a medical condition”. But if they ask “What medical condition?”, i’m not sure if I should shed light about my diagnosis (psychotic depression). I don’t feel my condition would inhibit my ability to work, i’m relatively high-functioning.

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I tell everyone not to tell nobody, never. Just passing along my drs advice

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this seems simple enough, but if I’m asked why I haven’t been working, what else should I say?

Are you saying that your doctor advises you not to disclose your illness to employers?

Say you’ve been handling stuff for your family. That will stop the questions dead and it’s true

@everhopeful my dr says not to even disclose to my wife. I think employers are included in that

But look, I was in the ivory tower of high finance. If I were to mention it in an interview I would never have gotten an offer

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How can you not disclose your mental illness to your wife? She’ll see the medication.

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I believe if I told them I have a personal medical condition, then that should answer it fine enough. But i’m not sure

Ok, you can see the impossibility of actually hiding it. But I don’t talk about it, share feelings about it, and maybe it’s 1% of our relationship except for the fact I hate to shower , that’s a good sized chunk, but I do shower

Eh I don’t think you can be forced to talk about your family or mental health. How long were you out of work?

It’s kind of hard to keep secrets from your significant other if you see & talk to them on a daily basis. Your mouth will slip the truth eventually.

I’ve been out of work for roughly 7 months

Look I have talked to my wife about it, she watched me talking to radiators for months on end. But my point is I don’t make it part of our marriage, to the best of my ability

That’s hardly anything, just tell them you were looking for work.


true, and it’s not like i’m looking for some mid-level job. Just looking for entry level employment somewhere


7 months isn’t long at all. Maybe in the meantime while you’re looking for work, volunteer somewhere to build up experience and socialisation so getting into work isn’t such a shock to the system.

I don’t think you should tell to you employer that you have a mental illness. My employer don’t know that at all. And when they ask me why I have been not working for 12 years I said that I had an untreated mononucleosis, I didn’t say that I had an untreated mental illness.

It has never happened to me but in my view, if anyone employer asks me why I didn’t work for the past months, i will calmly say i just needed some break from these ■■■■ and want to give some time to me and my family traveling around.
But i know it’s not that easy.
Hope your medical condition will get better soon and be disease free. Bless you.

Hi you work in finance? I did too before being diagnosed and am looking to get back into it. How is it working in such an environment and having breakthrough symptoms.

The employer I’m about to start work with doesn’t know; I keep that info on a strictly need-to-know basis. Both of my current employers know about it, but that’s because it became necessary for them to know. You know, it’s harder to hide when you have to be hospitalized and be off work for a month like I was last summer…